How do you know you like someone?

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    Do you think about them?

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Who (11158)
188 days ago
Okay cool! I think I like her!
nerd (24622)
193 days ago
lol you cant swear here
nerd (24622)
193 days ago
i have a god💗 crush on you christophe i hope you're happy
JaneMarks1 (58123)
198 days ago
GIrl ( 86177 ) It's the same with me, but I haven't dated anyone yet.
jaelymm (80397)
216 days ago
i think he is hot than ur mom
Rachel (17223)
252 days ago
So here's the issue,
Last year in 6th grade we both told each other we liked each other. Then we kind of stopped talking for a little while and I thought that my feelings had gone away... then at the start of 7th grade everyone was saying that he liked this new girl, Jessie so I kind of just moved on... but just recently we've started talking again and last night he told me liked me... I don't know if I like him or just enjoy the feeling of talking to him like last year.
Alivia (23124)
253 days ago
So I've liked this guy (Noah) for 3ish months but I just found out yesterday that he has liked my best friend (Alora) for 2 years and she has liked his best friend (Isaiah) for over a year and my other best friend (elliana) has liked him for 6 years with one or two other crushes in between. I'm in a terrible awkward love pentagon where no one likes the right person!!!!
Judy (37448)
293 days ago
I like him but he don't like me
hamilfan (11044)
303 days ago
question 4 um I don't think he's cute but I think she's cute
APHNicolasCage (30484)
314 days ago
love is digusting ;D
5ever lonely
Ilovehimalot (84919)
323 days ago
Lets call my crush Jimmy(fake name). I have known jimmy for 5 years and we have always been friends but this year we have become much closer then we have ever been. I can't tell anyone I like him because my friends don't think of me as that kind of person. Jimmy has liked all of my friends at one point but he has never liked me. It just kills me when he talks to me about other girls. I'm the beginning I was in denial about liking him but I am head over heals in love. I will never tell jimmy I like him because our friendship will get ruined. I want to cherish these last few months before schools over and be with him. I want to thank jimmy for being my first love.
Kiminonawa (09177)
333 days ago scared...
thatsongwritergirl (94122)
345 days ago
Question 9 on this quiz to determine if you like him is literally "do you like him?" :)
kawaiigirl (09010)
357 days ago
So yeah question six ummm so he likes me but I dunno if I like hon because of that
chaeyoung (24541)
361 days ago
there's this boy named (fake name) chanyeol at my school that i think i might like. but it's weird, because i know in my head that he's not the best the best, but in still really REALLY like him and the kids what to do.
poptart (53550)
365 days ago
I feel like i like the person but i dont know. Its like that feeling when you think you like someone but your mind is telling you no, so you're confused.
nope (18167)
369 days ago
I'm all for sappy love , but these questions are not only all true or false; but they're also extremely general.
GIrl (86177)
421 days ago
so there is this guy. he prob doesnt like me but he always smiles waves and says hi to me. I have realized I liked him when I was hanging out with him at a party. He probably doesnt see me as a girlfriend because we used to hate each other (jokingly). We have gotten to be better friends when I dated his good friend. Idk what to do. I dont want to ask him out.
b.612004 (90670)
429 days ago
Oh I forgot to say on this test I got 10/10 which comes out that I L-O-V-E him so yeah that kinda will kill my best friend and myself at the same time
b.612004 (90670)
429 days ago
Um the person I like probably will never see this but I really really like you and I feel horrible. Because your with my best friend.i just really hope neither you or Tori see this. Because then I will feel worse if any of you read this and have advise I really need some right now