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You WILL get more than half of these wrong, but can you prove us wrong?

  • 1
    What is the first thing that Mike Newton says to Bella?
    "Do you want to go back to my car?" (wink, wink)
    "Hey I'm Mike Newton, aren't you Isabella Swan?"
    "Aren't you Isabella Swan?"
    "Hi I'm Mike, do you need help finding your next class?"
  • 2
    When Edward and Bella were at the restaurant, what were the two hypothetical names they used to describe how Edward knew where Bella was?
    Joe and Jill
    Joe and Jane
    Kristen and Robert
    Josh and Jane
    Jane and Joey
  • 3
    What did Carlisle do after he was changed into a vampire?
    He tried killing himself by starvation and jumping from great heights.
    He killed his father.
    He went to the Volturi.
    He killed the vampire that changed him
  • 4
    At what time did Bella wake up when they were at the hotel?
  • 5
    What did Edward do when Bella was describing her shoe as a "death trap"?
    He look at her leg longer than necessary (wink, wink)
    He said "It's okay. I'll keep you safe."
    He chuckled and said, "Don't worry, it's all in the leading."
  • 6
    What was the move that Bella and Jessica ended up watching?
    "At Twilight Come the Flesh-Eaters"
    A romantic comedy
    "Dead End"
    "Black Sheep"
  • 7
    When Bella and Jessica go to the movies, who had asked Jessica out two weeks prior?
  • 8
    Which out of Jacob's friends owns a dirt bike?
  • 9
    According to Charlie, who was always considered "A good friend" to Bella
  • 10
    What was the name of the receptionist in the Volturi's underground lair?
  • 11
    "While" Jacob was kissing Bella what did she do after she tried pushing him off
    Asked, "Are you done?"
    Punched him
    Waited until he finished.
    Said "I thought you were gay!"
  • 12
    Was Leah a werewolf after or before the bonfire?
    Didn't say
  • 13
    Where did Jasper first meet Alice?
    At the Cullens house
    While he was with Peter and Charlotte in Philly
    In Philadelphia
    During War
  • 14
    What does Bella say her mom will think getting married out of high school is worse than?
    Dating a werewolf
    Boiling live puppies
    Dating a vampire
  • 15
    What ring does Edward give Bella?
    His grandmother's ring
    He got it from Tiffany's
    Elizabeth's ring
    Esme's ring
    He bought one
  • 16
    Who was staring at Bella in the beginning of "Breaking Dawn" while she was in her before car?
    Jessica's Mom
    2 guys at the gas station
    Angela's Mom
  • 17
    At the wedding what "something blue" item did Bella wear?
    Renee's ear rings
    2 sliver hair combs, with sapphire stones
    Tiffany bought hair pin
  • 18
    After Bella became a vampire, what did Edward smell like to her?
    Honey, lilac, and sunshine
    Vanilla, lavender, and hyacinth
    Cinnamon, pear, and apple
  • 19
    What was Bella wearing when she first went hunting?
    Edwards button down
    Baby pink summer dress
    Tee and jeans
    Cocktail dress, ice blue silk
  • 20
    Name the vampires in the Volturi, including the coven and guard, that have supernatural talents (living)
    Aro, Marcus, Alec, Demetri, Heidi, Afton, Renata, Chelsea, Jane, and Corin
    Alistar, Marcus, Alec, Vladimir, Benjamin, Heidi, and Jane
    Aro, Caius, Afton, Renata, Corin, Alec, Maggie, Amun, Kebi. Zafrina

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