What's your movie theater personality?

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Who doesn't like to go to the movies? The smell of popcorn, the sensation of your feet stuck to the floor, the thrill of dimming lights as you prepare to let Hollywood sweep you away into another world. How you enjoy your films says a lot about you!

  • 1
    It's Saturday night and you're going to the movies. You:
    Decide dealing with the Saturday night mob isn't worth it and stay in and rent a movie instead.
    Just drive to the theater and watch what they've got
    Look on-line to see what's playing in your area
    Know exactly what you want to see and where it's playing
  • 2
    You can't convince anybody to see the movie you've been dying to watch. You:
    Beg and plead until they relent and go with you just to shut you up.
    Go by yourself. You want to see it, so you'll see it.
    Wait for it to come out on DVD.
    Convince them it'll all be worth it if you go to a matinee show.
  • 3
    Your favorite movie theater has:
    Your couch, your kitchen, your bathroom, and your remote control.
    Been renovated to include cushy seats and carpeting installed this century.
    Stadium seating and surround sound.
  • 4
    Ticket prices?
    Are outrageous! But you NEED stadium seating if you're going to enjoy the movie at all.
    Are outrageous! That's why you know all of the bargain theaters, matinee show times, and free movie nights within a 10 mile radius.
    Are outrageous! That's why you don't go to the movies.
    Are outrageous! That's why you save your pennies for the movies you really want to see.
  • 5
    Once in the theater, you like to sit:
    Towards the back, with a "personal space" seat between you and your nearest neighbor.
    Right in the middle, so it's like you're IN the action.
    Anywhere, wishing it was your couch instead.
    Where ever, so long it's away from people with big hair or like to talk.
  • 6
    You're at the concession stand. What do you get?
    Nachos with an extra side of cheese.
    Popcorn or raisins. They're classic.
    You stopped at the convenience store on your way in and have a bag under your coat filled with candy and soda- which cost 1/10th of what you'd pay at the theater.
  • 7
    What's your favorite type of movie to take in at the theater?
    Whatever anybody else wants to see is fine with you.
    Action or horror flicks, with lots of explosions, gore, and CGI.
    All movies.
    Romantic comedies or dramas. There's nothing like an excuse to snuggle up with your cutie or giggle with your friends.
  • 8
    You're standing in the lobby of your favorite theater. What does it look like?
    It's tiny, filled with old hometown charm, and a local high school kid behind the ticket booth.
    Filled with classic movie posters and two doors leading into the only theater.
    Your living room.
    It's huge, with an arcade, a concession stand built to serve 10 people at the same time, possibly an escalator, and has signs which point you to theaters 1-20.
  • 9
    What's most important to you when watching a movie at the theater?
    Who you're with and the fun of being out together.
    The movie.
    Comfort and modern conveniences.
    Everything you could be doing somewhere else.
  • 10
    And lastly, if someone were to tell you that tomorrow all of the movie theaters in the world would cease to exist for ever, you would respond by:?
    Shouting, "NO!" and inconsolably weeping
    Blinking twice before walking away to find something worthwhile to do.
    Complaining that there's no way Transformers could ever be really experienced otherwise.
    Being sad. Going to the movies is fun.

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