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Are you a true fan of this fantastic movie? Do you watch it day and night like me? Test yourself and see how you do. Pay close attention!

  • 1
    Why did Edward act so rude to Bella the first time meeting her?
    For making him want her so bad
    She looked at him weird
    He didn't think that any girl in there was good enough for him
    She had a bad smell to her
  • 2
    What was the vampire's name who broke Bella's leg?
  • 3
    What was the first weird thing Bella noticed about Edward?
    His strength
    Cold skin
    Pale skin
    His eyes changed color
  • 4
    When was the first time Bella seen Edward?
    In the biology room
    In the school diner
    In the bookstore
    In the woods
  • 5
    What did Edward say to Bella in the woods?
    So the lion falls in love with the lamb
    How did you know that I was a vampire
    Will you take me home
    You are my life now
  • 6
    Edwards eyes went from ____ to ____!
    From blue to gold
    From black to red
    From green to blue
    From black to golden brown
  • 7
    What did Edward say Alice could do?
    She could see into the future
    Read minds
    She could run faster than the others
    Change shape
  • 8
    Who is the only person that Edward could not read?
  • 9
    What was the last thing Edward said to Bella at the end of the movie?
    You are my life
    I love you Bella
    I won't ever leave you in harms way again
    Is it not enough to spend a long and happy life with me
  • 10
    What did Bella say when walking into Edwards house?
    This is great. Its so open and beautiful
    This is incredible. Its so light and open
    This is fantastic. Its so open and light
    Wow. Its so open and beautiful
  • 11
    What was Edward dying from before he was bitten?
    Loss of blood
    High Fever
    Spanish Influenza
    Small Pox
  • 12
    What does Edwards family think Bella is?
  • 13
    What about Edward draws people in?
    Voice, smell, smile
    Voice, face, smell
    Smell, voice, eyes
    Voice, smile, eyes
  • 14
    What did James say at the ball field?
    You brought something to eat, I see
    I can smell you all the way across the field
    You brought a snack
    Why is this human here
  • 15
    Who rips off James' head?
  • 16
    Who wants Bella to leave Edward?
    Jacob's dad
  • 17
    What does Charlie give Bella for protection?
    Pepper spray
  • 18
    How did Edward get to Bella before the others when James had her?
    He flew
    He is faster than the rest
    Unlike the others, he knew where she was
    He drove faster
  • 19
    Who was the First person Carlisle bit to change into a vampire?
  • 20
    What was the first out of the three things that Bella knew for sure?
    He hunted only animals
    She was in love with him
    He thirsted for her blood
    Edward was a vampire

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