Twilight Quiz for Book Fans--Ultimate Quiz!

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This quiz is for the BOOK fan of see how much you really know!

  • 1
    In the book Twilight--Why does Bella leave her mother's to live with Charlie in Forks?
    Because she's fighting with her mother.
    Because her mother misses her new husband.
    Because she likes rain and it was too sunny
    Because she misses Charlie.
    Because she knows about vampires and wants to meet the Cullens
  • 2
    In the book Twilight--Where does Edward confirm to Bella that he's a vampire?
    In his car.
    In the restaurant.
    In her house.
    In his house.
    In the forest.
  • 3
    In the book Twilight--Why was Edward dieing before he was changed into a vampire?
    He jumped off a cliff.
    He got the Spanish Influenza.
    He wasn't.
    He got hit by a car.
    He got attacked by a bear.
  • 4
    In the book Twilight--Who takes Bella to Phoenix?
    Alice and Jasper
    Rosalie and Emmett
    Carlisle and Esme
    She doesn't go to Phoenix
  • 5
    In the book Twilight--What is Bella really scared of?
  • 6
    In the book Twilight--Why does Bella go find James?
    Because she thinks he has her mother
    Because she was bored
    Because she was secretly in love with James
    Because he has Edward
    Because she was scared
  • 7
    In the book Twilight--Who does Bella say she's going to run over?
  • 8
    In the book New Moon--Why does Bella think the Cullens left?
    Because Edward didn't love her and they were getting to noticeable
    Because Carlisle found a better job
    Because Jasper killed someone
    Because Esme didn't like the small town
    Because they wanted to go some place warm and sunny
  • 9
    In the book New Moon--Who's Jake's best friends?
    Bella and Charlie
    Eric and Mike
    Quil and Embry
    Paul and Sam
    Edward and Emmett
  • 10
    In the book New Moon--Why does Bella do life-treating things?
    Because she wants attention from Jake
    Because she wants to die
    Because she's bored
    Because she can hear Edward
    Because she is crazy and stupid
  • 11
    In the book New Moon--Who is the girl Sam imprinted on and who is she related to?
    Claire and she's related to Bella
    Emily and she's related to Sam's ex-girlfriend
    Bella and she's related to Charlie
    Kim and she's related to Billy
    Leah and she's related to Seth
  • 12
    In the book New Moon--Where does Bella spend most of her time after she finds out Jake's a werewolf and Victoria's after her?
    Jake's house
    The beach
    Her house
    The cliffs
  • 13
    In the book New Moon--How long does Bella go 'numb' for?
    Four months
    Three months
    She doesn't
    Two months
  • 14
    In the book New Moon--Why does Bella get grounded?
    She yelled at Jake
    She left for three days and had rode a motorcycle
    Charlie found out that Edward stayed in her room
    She didn't get grounded
    She hit Jake
  • 15
    In the book Eclipse--Why can't she spend time with Jake?
    Because Jake hates her
    Because Jake is dead
    Because she doesn't want to
    Because she's grounded
    Because Edward won't let her
  • 16
    In the book Eclipse--What does Bella compare herself to?
    A rope
    A monkey
    A clone
  • 17
    In the book Eclipse--Where are all the killings happening?
  • 18
    In the book Eclipse--What is Jasper's past?
    He was a dancer and a club and then turned into a vampire
    He was a soldier and then was turned into a vampire soldier
    He got turned into a vampire by Alice
    He can't remember anything
    He knew about vampire and turned into one to fight
  • 19
    In the book Eclipse--Who keeps Bella warm in the tent while camping?
  • 20
    In the book Eclipse--How does Edward fight for Bella?
    He didn't because he didn't want Bella anymore
    He got Bella to say she was going to marry him and Jake heard
    He didn't--He said he would let her choose
    He killed Jacob and claimed Bella as his prize
    He got Bella to yell at Jake and say she never wanted to see him again
  • 21
    In the book Eclipse--Who does Victoria say she's in love with?
  • 22
    In the book Breaking Dawn--What kind of car does Bella have?
    Porshe Turbo 911
    Chevy Pick-up
    Mercedes Guardian
    Aston Martin Vanquish
  • 23
    In the book Breaking Dawn--What is Bella's 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'?
    Shoes/hair clips/dress/ring
    Ring/garter/hair clips/shoes
    Hair clips/dress/garter/hair clips
  • 24
    In the book Breaking Dawn--What two points of view are there?
    Bella's and Renesmee's
    Bella's and Jacob's
    Bella's and Alice's
    Bella's and Edward's
    Bella's and Sam's
  • 25
    In the book Breaking Dawn--Who didn't want Renesmee at first?
    Rosalie, Bella, Alice, and Jacob
    Esme, Rosalie, Edward, and the Pack
    Edward, Carlisle, Jacob, the Pack, and Alice
    The Pack, Edward, Carlisle, and Rosalie
    Charlie, the Pack, Carlisle, Bella, and Edward
  • 26
    In the book Breaking Dawn--At the end, how many werewolves are there total?
  • 27
    In the book Breaking Dawn--How long does Bella's pregnancy last?
    One week
    She doesn't get pregnant!
    Nine months
    One month
    She gets pregnant!
  • 28
    In the book Breaking Dawn--Where do the visitor's come from?
    From all over the Pacific Northwest
    There are no visitors
    Switzerland, Maine, Africa, Germany, and Spain
    From the oceans
    South America, Alaska, Egypt, Ireland, Romania, America, and Europe
  • 29
    In the book Breaking Dawn--What does Jacob say he'll need with all the guests?
    A new place to hang out
    More room
    A list
    A book
    An index
  • 30
    In the book Breaking Dawn--Who is the boy like Renesmee?

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