So, You Think You Know the Twilight Series?

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All the "need-to-know" stuff for Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn fans!

  • 1
    *BEWARE OF SPOILERS!* Where are Bella and Edward when Bella sees Edward in the sunlight?
    Forks High School
    Bella's house
    Outside of Edward's house
    The Meadow
  • 2
    What is James?
    One of the Cullen family
    A mind reader
    A ninja
    A Tracker
  • 3
    What is Jasper's power/ability?
    Seeing the future
    Control of people's emotions
    Jasper doesn't have a power.
    Mind reading
  • 4
    Who attacks Bella at her 18th birthday party?
    No One
    Jasper Cullen
    Edward Cullen
  • 5
    What does Bella get from Carlisle and Esme for her 18th birthday?
    Plane tickets
    A radio
    Just a card
  • 6
    What chapter does Bella tell Edward the "one thing" she wants before she becomes a vampire?
    Between chapter 1 and 2
    The Cullens'
  • 7
    Where is Bella when she finds out pregnant?
    Isle Esme
    The Cullen's home
  • 8
    What friends come over the first time Bella goes to Jacob's house?... (hint: New Moon)
    Mike and Tyler
    Ember and Calie
    Embry and Quil
  • 9
    What mythical creature is Jacob?
    A Unicorn!
    A vampire
    None... he's human.
    A Werewolf
  • 10
    Why can't Jacob tell Bella that he's a werewolf?
    Werewolf? I didn't know that!
    Bella wouldn't believe him
    He didn't want to
    Sam told him not to
  • 11
    What are the title(s) of ALL of Stephenie Meyer's book(s)? (and are published)
    Who is Stephenie Meyer?
    Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn
    Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Host
    She has written 26 books
  • 12
    What song (from the soundtrack) is based on Edward's thirst?
    I Caught Myself
    Bella's Lullaby
  • 13
    In what book is the following said?....
    "'You like it.' He smiled.
    'It.... has a certain charm.'
    He pulled the end of my ponytail and chuckled."
    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn
    That is never said...
  • 14
    What book is the following said?...
    "'Don't worry about it?' I demanded in disbelief. 'Jake, they've got guns! They're setting traps and offering rewards and-'"
    New Moon
    That isn't ever said
  • 15
    *LAST QUESTION* What is the last thing said in Breaking Dawn?
    "I love you" ... "That's why we're here"...
    "See you later, Dad."
    "Forever and ever."
    "Forever and forever and forever" .... "That sounds exactly right to me."...

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