Does he like/love you too?

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Ever wonder if that guy you like/love feel the same about you? Is he sending off mixed signals? Find out the truth here.

  • 1
    Does he stare at you a lot?
    I wish
    His friends do?
    Sometimes I catch him staring, but that's whenever I'm by this girl...
    Yes! Anytime I turn around he is and when I'm not looking my friends tell me he is.
  • 2
    When and if he stares at you what happens?
    He doesn't stare.
    He smiles and waves or just keeps staring and then I look away
    Well if he did ever stare at me I think he would blush.
    He looks away from this one girl
  • 3
    If you were crying really hard one day what happened?
    He hugged me, rubbed my arms, went to hold me and told me everything would be okay then got mad at the person that mad me cry.
    He totally never saw me cry.
    He asked my friend what happened.
    He just looked at me.
  • 4
    How close has he gotten to you?
    Twenty feet
    Body contact
    Two Inches
    He has a restraining order against me or doesn't know I'm alive.
    A foot
  • 5
    Does he know you like/love him?
    Yeah he knows my friends told him and I did too
    He doesn't even know my name
    Yes I went right up and said I love you
    No and he never will
  • 6
    Has he ever called you pretty, cute, hot, etc?
    He can see me?
    Yes he saw some baby pictures and said I was cute and also he said I was pretty when my hair was down.
    No he's smiled at me though
  • 7
    When you walk by him what happens?
    He smiles, waves really hard, and I look down and blush.
    He looks at me and walks away
    I get the cops called on me
  • 8
    Did you ever hang out outside of school?
    Yeah, once and it was when I was trying to not talk to him, how quickly that was ruined.
    School run event
    At the police station.
  • 9
    When he walks by you what happens?
    I blush, freeze, smile, try not to laugh and he smiles sweetly at me and walks real slow
    He walks by and I try to get his attention
    Cops are guarding him
    He says hey and walks away to go by my friend
  • 10
    Does he make fun of you at all? Who starts the conversations? Does he let you swear? Do you think he likes you?
    Sometimes. Both of us. No. No.
    Yes! Especially when I laugh and also since I'm a klutz! He has been lately. No he gets mad at me when I do but everyone else does including him! Yes I actually kind to do.
    No. The body guard. Yes? No.
    Everyday. Me. I don't think he cares. Maybe.

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