Which My So-Called Life Teenage Character are You?

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    If you were a holiday, what would you be?
    Valentines Day, it's a celebration of why people really love each other, not just what's sugar-coated, plus you like some cheesiness
    Halloween, it's not religion dominant, fun, exciting, you get free food, and there are hot costumes
    American Thanksgiving, while technically being religious, but not too much to the point of being boring to you, and the food's excellent (that is, if you're not having a TV dinner)
    Groundhog Day, it's not exactly anything special, and people often forget it, but it's still official and exists
    Christmas, it's wholesome, and even though you are giving gifts, you can't help but enjoy receiving them too, plus you secretly like family get-together
  • 2
    If you could choose one season to live in all year for one year, what would it be?
    Winter, others may see it as cold and unwelcoming, but you find it calming and even if things are dying, your love is of the chase for the chance of spring, because when spring actually comes, it scares you
    Fall, you like the orange and red tones on the leaves, the crunch of leaves under your feet, and the idea that you can have a whole new identity this year
    You're undecided, you like each season another day, just as long as things are changing
    Spring, you like the idea of re-birth and beauty, while everything around you might not necessarily be perfect, you do your best to give everyone a new chance to come into their own
    Summer, you like the feeling of freedom, but not being too free, knowing you have somewhere to go next, but still enjoying the present in the front of your mind
  • 3
    What is/was you favourite subject within high school?
    Math, it makes sense to you because there is only one right answer, you like the simplicity and the logic, but still feed off the challenge
    English, if per chance, you were to attend a class, you like English because of the ability to explore each corner of your mind and look at all the aspects of the millions of possible answers
    Science, it has both sides of the spectrum, yes it has the simplicity of having one correct answer, but new amazing things are found in everyday living through science all the time, you can never stop exploring
    You don't really have a favourite, you tune out often, but not because you find the subject uninteresting, but rather because you're afraid to open up within a classroom setting
    History, you enjoy knowing what's going on with everyone who is or was around you, and have an excellent memory for those kinds of things, it's not gossip, it's awareness
  • 4
    How many relationships have you had?
    One or two really serious relationships, a few flings but no straight hookups, you've been suspicious or secluded yourself though, and that's why most of your relationships ended
    A few, but when you met others and they talked about their relationships you felt insecure or uncomfortable, like yours weren't real
    None, or maybe one of those kindergarten just-met-five-seconds-ago type but nothing past that, you may have found the right person, they just haven't found you
    You have had feelings for people many times, but only told those you really trust because your sexual orientation is deemed unacceptable where you are
    Oh too many to count, but none of them serious, and the other person often ended up either broken-hearted or nameless in your book
  • 5
    What is your true eye colour, regardless of genes?
    Vibrant green, not too common, but not fake-looking, definitely striking and intriguing but sometimes cloudy
    Deep brown, but still large and very expressive, shows ethnic sides of you
    Hazel, it may seem plain from afar, but if you get close enough, you're mesmerized by the pretty details
    Milky brown, can put on a blank stare or be rife with emotion, it all depends on the situation and how well others can read you
    Blue, a classic beauty, no argument that it's gorgeous, but when you've seen 40 Barbie dolls you get tired and want something exotic
  • 6
    What genre film are you?
    Tame pornography, you have a lot of eroticism in your life, and it definitely affects a large part of you, but you prefer it to stay simple and beautiful
    It varies from day to day, your life may seem boring to some, and watching a film of it may not hold an audience for 2 hours, but if it could peek inside your mind a whole range of things would be buzzing about
    Comedy drama, you live life to the fullest and crack jokes when things are down, but sometimes your life is seriously miserable, you try and make the best of it but sometimes a happy ending isn't always waiting for you
    Action drama, you have a million things going on at once in your life, some more important than others, but you enjoy the attention and having things to do
    Dramatic romance, or lack thereof, you long for something, but the thing you yearn for may be out of your reach or you may be too afraid to grab it and keep a tight grip
  • 7
    What classic musical artist(s) would you love to chill out with for a day?
    R.E.M., they provide the sadness and hurt to go along with some of the deeper emotions you feel, but still don't keep you in a rut of depression the whole time
    Pat Benatar, yes you have the girl-power-ish vibe but you appreciate more about Pat's funky style than just her woman-power-ish ways, her general courage
    The Ramones, their music is entertaining, good quality, and fun, while still being meaningful and insightful
    The Beatles, yes it's generic, but you have to be one of the people forming the majority of music lovers, besides, rebellion is overrated
    Simon & Garfunkel, they were a perfect harmony together, never complete without the other, but still talented in their entirely different ways, they embodied the feel of each time period they influenced with perfect grace and intelligence
  • 8
    If you were a children's TV show which one would you be?
    Power puff Girls, a quality show about three girls who are superheroes and best friends, just your style
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, classic stuff, plus the action keeps the kiddies on the edges of their seats
    Arthur, a show about everyday life as an 8-year-old animal and nothing less, you appreciate the simple things in life, he really wasn't more than an aardvark
    Teletubbies, didn't make much sense usually, but it didn't need to, it just was what it was
    Franklin, a decent, classic show, the mild enough type to call all the characters by their animal breed (e.g. Snail the snail), but still okay with having full episodes of Franklin being bullied
  • 9
    Where would you work for a part time job after school for some extra cash?
    A music store downtown, drag all your friends in their, work on commission, and act like you're having the time of your life when hot guys/girls walk in
    At a cheap cosmetics store, letting customers buy bad quality merchandise and complain about how you have to watch it during your break
    At a church or retirement home program giving out refreshments and such to people while getting to listen in on the program for free
    Somewhere with children, but not in a position where you'd be playing with them, more like you'd be filing things and making phone calls
    Babysitting for the same neighbours for the same time frames every day after school
  • 10
    Which character do you think you'll get?
    Rayanne Graff
    Rickie Vasquez
    Sharon Cherski
    Angela Chase
    Brian Krakow

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