What job is right for you (based on your sexual history)?

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Based on your responses to questions about your sexual life and preferences, I will tell you what type of occupation is right for you. A "future career quiz" has never been so much fun!

  • 1
    Your dream date...
    Something unique to indulge your playful side, like dancing to a concert in the park... under the stars... with lots of spinning and laughter
    A walk along the river... holding hands... talking about our dreams for the future
    A night at the ballpark, followed by a picnic in the park
    An exquisitely fancy dinner, followed by a trip to theater or to a concert
  • 2
    On the first date, you prefer a girl/boy who...
    Is modest about his/her sexual appetite, waits until he/she knows you better before he/she begins the hanky-panky
    Kisses you if (or waits to kiss you until) the mood is right
    Acts assertively, grabbing you around the waste and taking you... right there
    Is very touchy and flirtatious, always "accidentally" brushing your hand.. sliding his/her arm around you during the movie...
  • 3
    The PERFECT first kiss would be...
    Soft and tender, hesitant at first, then becoming harder and more passionate
    Precise, classy, he/she holds the back of your head gently, pushing his/her mouth against yours with perfect ease
    Sensual, moist and hot, his/her hands sliding up and down your back and ass passionately
    Delicious, interactive... his/her mouth not only kissing your lips, but also your face, eyes, ears, and neck
  • 4
    What puts you in the mood to do the "dirty deed"?
    Watching the news together, all cuddled up in my bed, drinking coffee... HOT coffee...
    Discussion of socio-economic realities...
    Hard work in my garden or kitchen, or coming back from an invigorating job... all sweaty and worked up
    He/she reads me a poem that he/she wrote, or sings or plays guitar for me
  • 5
    What kinky foreplay makes you dripping wet/ mega-hard?
    Sucking my nipples and biting my earlobes
    Leather panties and stockings... so tight... whips and handcuffs
    Role-playing... sexy nurse, construction worker, fire fighter, circus performer, fluffy bear...
    An intricate and comprehensive display of sex toy memorabilia... dildos, pornography, naked barbies...
  • 6
    What is your favorite color... SEX COLOR, that is?
    Yellow, brown, white, orange, purple, or gray
    Pink (if you are a man), aqua-purple-oranges (if you are a woman)
    Black or steel
    Blue or green
  • 7
    Do you like to take control during sex?
    I like to compromise during sex. We take terms dominating one another.
    YES, I am always in charge, bending my partner to my every whim
    I want my partner to bind my arms and legs and start humping me like a hyena with a mission!
    Control? Among all the groping and rolling about, I can't even tell who's on top! It's just one moving, sweaty lump of flesh!
  • 8
    What is your favorite sexual position?
    Missionary, because I am boring.
    Twisty-turning position, with lots of arms and legs sticking about
    On our sides facing each other, kissing each other's lips sensually, our chests rubbing together sweetly
    Doggy-style, with lots of groaning (if you are a lesbian, sub scissor position with lots of spanking)
  • 9
    Alright, the deed is done. How do you like to wind down after "intercourse"?
    Holding one another tenderly and weeping
    Falling asleep on separate sides of the bed
    No better way to conclude a sex-session than having sex a second time! Or a third! Or a tenth!
    A cold shower
  • 10
    What type of animal do you resemble... in bed?
    Cuddly bear
    Eager puppy
    Gooey jellyfish
    Spooky lizard

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