How masculine/feminine are you?

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Without knowing what you look like AT ALL, I will tell you if you are a BOY or a GIRL... or, at least, what gender you are on the inside. Because, remember: gender and sexuality and fluid categories. Yes, very fluid.

  • 1
    You have just finished a short story for your fiction writing class, and you are very proud of your work. What is the first thing you do?
    Try to get the story published in a local magazine
    Keep your success to yourself; you don't need others to confirm what you KNOW is good
    Email the story to your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend, with an included explanation of what they story means and how you came up with it
    Give the story to your parents to keep in the folder of all your essays and artwork
  • 2
    You have a decision to make, but you are very ambivalent about which option to choose. What would help you to make the decision?
    Discussion with my close friends or family and evaluation of their opinions
    Making a chart with pros and cons of both options
    Thinking about the options in my head and choosing the most logical solution
    I don't over think the situation; eventually an answer will just come to me
  • 3
    What is most important for you to be happy in the future?
    A challenging yet rewarding occupation
    A supportive husband, beautiful and intelligent children for me to raise
    Leaving a legacy, such as a book or contribution to science, which will live on after I die
    A comfortable home, nice clothes, good food, and other financial successes
  • 4
    Would you murder your own children in order to avenge yourself against your unfaithful husband? (Note: If you didn't giggle to yourself from the power of my wit, you are probably an uneducated fool who has never read "Media")
    Nothing in the world could make me murder my own flesh and blood.
    If my husband (or wife, if you are a man) betrayed my trust, I would stop at nothing to right the situation.
    I would take revenge in order to get back my dignity, but I would probably find a better way than murdering my children...
    I would murder for a good reason, like in order to save more lives.
  • 5
    What physical qualities do you find attractive in a mate?
    Minimal amount of body hair, plump tummy
    Symmetry, facial average, thin but tantalizingly firm thighs
    Plump lips, cheekbones stick out past eyebrow bone
    Strong jaw, eyebrow bone sticks out past cheekbones
  • 6
    Which personality description describes you best? (Fun challenge: see if you can match up each description to a character in Hamlet)
    I want to have revenge a lot but I can't because I keep over thinking everything.
    I fall to pieces when my boyfriend/girlfriend stops loving me and when my daddy gets stabbed to death. I sing songs about flowers and drown in a stream. Then I get a Christian burial even though I committed suicide because my parents were wealthy.
    When someone does me wrong, I seek revenge by stabbing them or by putting a colony of bacteria in their sandwich.
    I feel sad for a while when my husband/wife dies, but then I just marry his brother/sister. I'm hot for the powerful men/women.
  • 7
    What environment is analogous to your personality? (Note: famous nature vs. culture debate)
    A bustling city with coffee houses, operas, intellectual debates, the electoral college, and affirmative action
    A small town with a judicial system and a doctor's office, also bread and beer.
    A safe little hut amidst a forest of darkness.
    A wild, untameable wilderness. I get on all fours and lap up the water of the lake beside the hairy and horned creatures of the forest!
  • 8
    What set of characteristics best describes you? (Note: Yin or Yang)
    Light, open, active, creative
    Honest, outgoing, busy
    Dark, wet, reflective, quiet, mysterious
    Soft, gentle, emotional
  • 9
    If you were an ancient Greek, would you be allowed to bury your dead?
    No, I would just sit at home and weep
    Yes, let us bury the dead and move on with our lives, refusing to shed a tear
    Yes, and I would do it with dignity
    No, but I would come along and watch the burial
  • 10
    And now for THE MOST REVEALING QUESTION: What is your favorite color? (And don't you dare think that pink is going to mean you're feminine, because that's just a silly cliche.. CLICHE I SAY)
    Red or gold
    Blue and green
    Black or gray

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Drew McMahon ( 3.177 )
Posted 77 days ago
I'm a chick yet every test I am extremly masculine yet the boys I know aren't getting near my score
Frost ( 5.183 )
Posted 78 days ago
My results were inconclusive; and this is what I received:

"How masculine/feminine are you?

For 30 % you are: You are mostly masculine. You like monster trucks, loud music, lots of growling, and muscle shirts. You refuse to show emotion, because that would entail weakness. You resort to force when someone insults your massive ego. You fear homosexuals and go to great lengths to let everyone know that you would never do something so gross. You refuse to go to the ballet with your girlfriend because you fear men in tight pants.
14 % of 39833 Quiz participants had this profile!

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You are a blend of masculine and feminine, yet you lean more toward the girly side. You probably weep bullets during romantic movies, but you're not afraid to be confrontational or to join the workforce! You are probably a modern woman, and believe that woman should be able to have such privileges as working outside the home and being able to commit adultery without receiving a punishment of forty lashes from the government. You renegade, you!"

Since this is generally contradictory- I'm going to safely assume that I'm a healthy blend of both, which is nothing to be ashamed of since your level of masculinity and/or femininity shouldn't define anything about you.
Lara ( 12.33 )
Posted 81 days ago
'Keep a woman in her rightful place' 0.0
'Eat a lot of meat' I'm vegan 0.0
Oh and I'm a boyish girl
Max ( 67.58 )
Posted 83 days ago
I fear homosexuals and yet I'm gay... ????
Can't argue with that logic... \ (O_o)/
MinecraftMistress ( 49.44 )
Posted 105 days ago
Uh.. right. I knew that I was a boyish girl, sporty and the like, but I DO NOT TRY TO GROW A BEARD, I DON'T TRY TO FIGHT AND I HAVE NEVER EVER WATCHED ANYTHING EVEN RELATED TO WRESTLING!
And plus it's Medea not Media
Andy ( 45.86 )
Posted 106 days ago
It's Medea*, you pretentious prat.
Wow ( 8.184 )
Posted 214 days ago
Jesus, you called the reader an uneducated fool and then proceeded to misspell "Medea" as "Media". This is a terrible quiz and has more to do with literature than gender. For some of the questions, such as the Hamlet one, there were no answers that even came close to describing me.
3ricz ( 5.210 )
Posted 261 days ago

Profile A sure. Im a gay fem guy though lol
tianna ( 7.173 )
Posted 275 days ago
yea i got I'm a masculine driven homophobe too and I'm a female lesbian lol
Rakanosh ( 26.57 )
Posted 289 days ago
So I'm a testosteron driven maskuline man who fears homosexuals...?
funny because I'm a female homosexual xD
tori ( 7.116 )
Posted 311 days ago
not all women love to cook and clean,some of us do it out of necessity or cos we hv to