What kind of mother will you be?

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Thinking about having kids but not sure if you're the motherly type? This quiz will help you decide if you should really be popping them out!

  • 1
    How do you feel about babies?
    They disgust me. Pooping, screaming, squirming lumps that demand constant attention.
    I'm...hesitant to go near them. I'm a little intimidated by the energy.
    BABIES! So cute!
    They're OK, as long as they mind their manners and don't pull my hair too hard.
  • 2
    Wait, let's go back a few steps. How do you feel about pregnancy?
    It's worth it, I'm sure.
    It looks pretty uncomfortable. Probably don't want to get that fat.
    I'm being eaten from the inside by a parasite, growing bigger every day within me, feeding off of my energy and life force!
    The miracle of life! I'm honored to have the capacity to give birth.
  • 3
    And the next step...giving birth? How does that make you feel?
    The most excruciating pain imaginable. Who could possibly survive an enormous creature ripping them apart as they emerge?
    I LOVE pain!
    The blood and screaming definitely puts me off.
    If all the mothers in the world have done it...I can too!
  • 4
    So the baby's been born. What is this like?
    It will be the joy of my life, and tending to it will be my deepest pleasure.
    Yeah, it'd be pretty tough. I don't know if I can handle changing diapers.
    My mom did it for me. I should give back to the world.
    Little baldy sucking at my nipple, screaming through the night, and making messes in new and exciting ways every day? Nope.
  • 5
    Little toddler! What does this suggest?
    Running amok, falling in buckets, chanting nonsense and throwing tantrums. That's what they do.
    The terrible twos are awful, so I hear.
    I'm sure I can start them off right at an early age!
    They just say the darnedest things, the little tykes!
  • 6
    First day of school! How do you respond?
    *Sniff!* My little baby growing up so fast! The first day is such a touching moment!
    YES! I'm finally rid of the fiend! Shove it on the bus and maybe it'll get lost on the way back!
    Time to buy back to school supplies! I should probably start making lists!
    I don't want to deal with the bullies and the homework.
  • 7
    Those teenage years! How will you deal with them?
    Sulking. Bitter. Rebellious. He/She hates me and I hate him/her.
    She's putting on makeup! He's discovering porn! Oh, the new found freedom!
    I'll help him/her get through these years of angst.
    It's getting a little harder to connect. He/she keeps taking the car out all night.
  • 8
    Oh, hey, the father up and ditched you. What do you do?
    Times are hard. I don't know how I'll pay for food now.
    Well, I give up. There's no way I can support this thing on my own. Send it off to the baby snatchers!
    I'm sure I can get by on my own.
    I didn't need him anyway. I love my little angel more than anything else in the world.
  • 9
    Let's try a scenario. Imagine you're on the phone with a very important client when your child runs up to you with a bloody nose. What do you do?
    Drop the phone and rush my beloved off to the hospital! You can never be too careful!
    Finish the conversation and then give him/her some tissues. It's not that bad.
    Tell the person on the other end to wait. I have to deal with an emergency at home.
    Slam the door and ignore him/her. I'm on the phone! He/she can deal with it on his/her own!
  • 10
    And for the final question! What are your reasons for having children.
    It was a mistake, but I'll keep him/her anyway.
    I adore children and I want something to love and care for.
    I just wanted to pass on my genes. I don't care what happens to the thing once it's born.
    I wanted to start a family, and I think this will bring some joy to my life.

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Katie ( 86860 )
Posted 171 days ago
+yandisha I got the same result and I also do believe that I will be a very good mother someday as well.
Cassie ( 16408 )
Posted 246 days ago
Who else got the result that u will be the kind of mom who shows nude pics of their babies to strangers? (I would never do that but i got the result anyway):|
Amarish ( 76873 )
Posted 293 days ago
I am sensible about the hardships of childcare. :)
yandisa ( 86852 )
Posted 433 days ago
I will be a great mom one day
pholo ( 85252 )
Posted 449 days ago
i like baby i want him