Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quiz

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You think you know this movie? Hope you paid attention...these questions can prove to be pretty difficult.

  • 1
    When does the movie take place?
    923 A.D.
    932 A.D.
    900 A.D
  • 2
    How much does it cost to put a body on the dead cart?
    9 pence
    Its free
    There is no death cart
    5 pence
  • 3
    King Arthur cuts the Black Knight's _______ off first.
    Left hand
    Right hand
    Right arm
    Left arm
  • 4
    According to the song, what 3 foods do the Knights Of the Round Table eat a lot of?
    Grahams, spam, and jam
    Ham, toast, and pie
    Ham, jam, and spam
    Jam, lamb, and spam
  • 5
    Sir Galahad's nurses in the castle Anthrax were named?
    Dr. Piglet and Dr. Winston
    Dr. Midget and Dr. Crapper
    Dr. Zoot and Dr. Dingo
    Dr. Celia and Dr. Craft
  • 6
    What name is Prince Herbert called by his father?
  • 7
    How many castles did Herbert's father build?
  • 8
    What word can the Knights of Ni not say?
    Trick question- there is no forbidden word
  • 9
    Who is the French taunter's master?
    Guy di Lombard
    Bedevere Lowe
    We never hear his name
    Gary de Lowe
  • 10
    Which knights were supposed to leap out of the wooden rabbit?
    Galahad, Robin, and Lancelot
    Robin, Lancelot, and Arthur
    Bedevere, Lancelot, and Galahad
    Arthur, Robin, and Bedevere
  • 11
    Who was Prince Herbert supposed to marry?
    Princess Lucy
    Princess Lulu
    Princess Lucky
    Princess Lucinda
  • 12
    What's the shrubbery's name?
  • 13
    Where in the book of Armaments does it tell about the Holy Hand grenade?
    Armaments; chapter 10, verses 9 to 22
    Grenade use, chapter 1 verses 2 to 21
    Chapter 2, verse 1 to 20
    Armaments; chapter 2 verses 9 to 21

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