What type of Roller Coaster enthusiast are you?

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What type of Roller Coaster enthusiast are you? Find out today! Warning: If you are very easily offended, proceed with caution.

  • 1
    Do you own any park merchandise?
    Yes! That classic Nemesis poster and all my park maps!
    Of course! I’m looking at my Mr. Funshine and using my Alton Towers mouse now! Heck, I can’t even see my wall for all the ORP’s.
    A little, a few ORP’s and a pen.
    Do I look like I do…?
  • 2
    Do you own any park clothing items?
    Yeah, I have the classic shirts and a fair few t-shirts and coats.
    One or two items. Some of it looks okay.
    Shouldn’t this question be “Do you own any clothing items that aren’t from a park?” My wardrobe is full!
    Flamingo Land don’t sell Henley’s… so NO!
  • 3
    When on internet forums, do you…
    Sit there with all ten open clicking refresh ever two seconds begging for a reply to your “What is the lateral diameter and vertical speed of Nemesis” thread?
    And a forum is…?
    Check the odd one or two for half an hour or so and forget about it and head to Facebook?
    Check about 4 to 5, put in some good posts while you chat on MSN?
  • 4
    You conversations with other enthusiasts include…
    Vekoma did a good job here, it's pretty smooth and the loop is great!
    Eirrrrr enthusiasts... I might catch something.
    Did you see Boro play last night? Alves was great!
    It took 1,590 bolts and each train is fitted with EP-1002e wheels today.
  • 5
    At a theme park, do you…
    Have a good time, but if you’re not riding, your queuing!
    Make the kids cry by whoring the Dragon Coaster for that credit.
    Chill and enjoy the rides. That’s what being an enthusiast s all about!
    Chat up the ride ops and try to get their numbers. Bugger the rides!
  • 6
    G-Force has broken down. What do you do?
    Sigh and just wait it out.
    Throw things at the engineer.
    Moan, moan and moan again. Say that you could do a better job.
    Help the engineer and tell him at the PLC has encountered and error with the molecular transconductor.
  • 7
    When talking to a none-enthusiast about theme parks. Do you…
    Tell them that Velocity is great.
    Insist on telling them about the time Infusion’s chain snapped and how it was solved.
    Name an interesting fact, and then shut up.
    Ramble on, not realizing the person actually fell asleep 10 minutes ago.
  • 8
    You see some fellow enthusiast on a family outing to Pleasure Beach. Do you…
    Run away, pretend you don’t know them.
    Greet them and take a ride on PMBO together and then part your ways.
    Say hello and chat to them briefly.
    Scream “Hello! Wow! I can’t believe you’re here! Whooooooo!” and then ditch your family.
  • 9
    Your hear a ride operator tell a guest that Lighwater Valley is getting a hyper coaster next year, when the Pinfari is already in the car park. Do you…?
    Laugh. You know he’s wrong but let him have his fun.
    What? Correct him and tell him that he must be more professional and say that you are going to report him for gross misconduct.
    Believe him. He works here. Must be true!
    Correct the person. Tell him that the hyper coaster is in reality a Pinshitty.
  • 10
    Finally, you take a camera to Drayton Manor. Do you…
    Take enough photos for a good trip report and a few for the North Parks gallery.
    Take the odd photo of Shockwave and Apocalypse.
    Film your mate happy slapping people
    Photograph everything. You even bring a 500g hard drive and tripod for all those photos…

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