Tricky questions (kind of easy)

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Try to answer these trick questions. Some are hard some are easy.

  • 1
    There are five birds sitting on electric wire. Two were shot and killed by a hunter. How many are left?
    3 birds
    2 birds
    What are birds?
    0 birds
    5 birds
  • 2
    There is a big turtle. It is walking with a little turtle. The little turtle is the big turtle's son but the big turtle isn't the dad. who is the big turtle?
    A dude
    The mom
    Step mom
    A stranger
    His step dad
  • 3
    What's 1+2+3+4+5+6+.....+98+99+100?
  • 4
    A guy is condemned to death. He has to choose a room.
    room #1: A fiery inferno
    room #2: 30 assassins with loaded guns.
    room #3: A room full of hungry lions that didn't eat in 3 months.
    Which room is the safest?
    Room #1 because you think so
    Room #3 because the lions would be dead if it didn't eat in 3 months
    Room #2 because the assassins might not shoot you.
  • 5
    Jim's peacock laid an egg on Bobby's lawn. Who's egg is it?
    The Peacocks because it was the one who laid the egg
    Nobody. Peacocks don't lay eggs. Peahens do
    Jim's because its Jim's peacock
    I Don't know
    Bobby's because its on his lawn
  • 6
    What's 1+1?
    2 NOT
    I don't know
  • 7
    A magician said if anybody can be under water for 10 minutes, he'll give them $100,000. A young boy volunteered and won. How is that possible?
    He stole it
    He cheated and won
    He got a cup of water and put it on his head so he is under water
    He went in a swimming pool and did it
  • 8
    How much dirt is in a 21 ft by 67 ft by 99 ft by 23 ft hole?(no calculators)
    3203739 feet of dirt
    None, there's only air in there
    I don't know!
  • 9
    A black dog was sleeping in the middle of the road. A black car was driving on the same lane the dog was sleeping on. The black car had no headlights and the street lights were broken. But he stopped right before he hit the dog. How did the driver know the dog was there?
    It was morning
    I don't know
    Was sup!
    The dog ran away
  • 10
    There are 16 grapes on a tree. Tim took 12. How many grapes are left?
    7 grapes...?
    4 grapes...?
    NONE because there is two question marks..?
    None. Grapes don't grow on trees, they grow on vines...?
  • 11
    If you are going 55 mph, how many mph are you going?
    It varies because it can change
    55 mph... duh
    I don't know