How well do YOU know TWILIGHT?

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How well do YOU know TWILIGHT? Do you barely know anything, or do you have serious OTD? Take this quiz to find out! Hopefully it should be fairly easy!
***Made with the info gathered in the first 3 books.

  • 1
    Where is Bella born?
    Forks, WA
    Chicago, IL
    Phoenix, AR
    Seattle, WA
  • 2
    What is Edward's last name as a human?
  • 3
    Who are the 'Hale Twins'?
    Carlisle and Esme
    Emmett and Rosalie
    Edward and Alice
    Rosalie and Jasper
    Jasper and Emmett
  • 4
    What is Edward dying of when Carlisle finds him, and in what year?
    Spanish Influenza; 1917
    Vampire Outbreak; 2005
    French Influenza; 1901
    Spanish Influenza; 1918
  • 5
    What does Edward do when he first goes into the sunlight - Twilight-?
    Runs off to go hunt some yummy mountain lions
    Says; "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, oh baby, it hurts!"
    Turns human
    Sings; "I don't want to be in love"
  • 6
    In Eclipse, who does Edward say had been looking at his motorcycle?
  • 7
    In Twilight, what is the FIRST thing Edward describes blood as?
    Different flavors of ice cream
    Cheesecake compared to pecan pie
    Different shades of red paint
    Pixie dust compared to vampire sparkles
  • 8
    In New Moon, what do the Volturi say Bella is to Edward?
    His stupid lamb
    His Dancer
    His sister!
    His 'La Tua Cantante'
  • 9
    Who's the Cullen/Hale boy who's the all-around oldest besides Carlisle? (not physical years; vampire years)
  • 10
    Who was Rosalie engaged to when she was human?
    Royce King
    Mike Newton
    Royce Brat
    Emmett Cullen
  • 11
    What's the first book Bella reads in Twilight?
    Wuthering Heights
    Pride and Prejudice
    Sense and Sensibility
  • 12
    Who were the three nomads Bella and the Cullen's met while playing baseball?
    Lisa, Cedric, Sophie
    James, Laurent, Victoria
    James, Laurent, Victory
    James, Lily, Harry
  • 13
    What does Emmett tell Rosalie on the car ride from the airport in New Moon? (After Bella says it's OK)
    "SOMEBODY'S been punching werewolves lately,"
    "It doesn't count till she's conscious, Rose,"
    "Grizzly bear, grizzly bear, grizzly bear... yum!"
    "Who gave Bella candy Nerds!"
  • 14
    In New Moon, who refers to Bella as 'the vampire girl'?
  • 15
    During which war was Jasper changed?
    Civil War
    War of the Worlds
    War of 1812
    American Revolution
  • 16
    Where was Alice born?
    Concrete, Washington
    Rochester, New York
    Biloxi, Mississippi
    Chicago, Illinois
  • 17
    What's Jasper's power?
    He's an empathy - he controls people's emotions
    He becomes INVISIBLE...
    He's a technologenius
    He reads minds
  • 18
    What's the Cullen's story in Forks?
    They’re adopting me! Oh, and Angela, too, I guess, since she asked.
    Alice, Edward, and Rosalie are adopted; Jasper and Emmett are Esme’s nephews - foster children
    Edward, Alice, and Emmett are adopted; Rosalie and Jasper are Esme’s sister’s - they’re both foster children
    Alice, Edward, and Emmett are adopted; Rosalie and Jasper are Esme and Carlisle’s own. They’re both pretty old, after all.
  • 19
    What's the first song that Edward and Bella have in common in Twilight?
    Nocturnes - Debussy
    He's a Vamp - YouTube
    Lullaby - Mitch Hansen
    Clair de Lune - Debussy
  • 20
    What animals are Edward and Bella compared to?
    A dog and a leech
    A bear and a lion
    A lion and a lamb
    A deer and a cheetah
  • 21
    What's the first song Edward plays for Bella on the piano?
    Bella's lullaby
    Beauty and the Beast
    Esme's Favorite
    Clair de Lune
  • 22
    Who is Jane's twin?
    Alice, duh! They're both pixie's after all,
  • 23
    Which of the Volturi leaders has white hair?
  • 24
    In New Moon, who does Jake threaten to stay off his land the next day?
    Rachel and Rebecca
    Bella and her bloodsucking leeches
    Sam and Paul
    Embry and Quil
  • 25
    Before he phases for the first time, what does Jake think Sam has?
    Who's Sam?
    A gang
    Oh, he knows all about the pack! (best friends forever even as wolves)

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