English Literature 19th and 20th century poets quiz

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Hello, this is an English Literature quiz, mainly based on the 19th and the 20th century poets.

  • 1
    A famous 19th century Eglish poet had separated his collections into the 'Songs of Innocence' and the 'Songs of Experience'.Who was he?
    William Blake
    John Keats
    Robert Browning
    William Wordsworth
  • 2
    Along with Wordsworth, who was the other poet who published 'The Prelude' and 'Lyrical Ballads'?
    P.B. Shelley
  • 3
    What was the name of the beloved of W. B. Yeats who inspired some of his best poems like 'Broken Dreams' and 'He Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven'?
    Georgina Hyde Lees
    Lady Gregory
    Fanny Brawne
    Maud Gonne
  • 4
    Poet D.H. Lawrence was very famous for a particular type of verse-form. What was it?
    Blank Verse
    Iambic Pentameter
    Free Verse
    Sprung Rhythm
  • 5
    Poet W.H. Auden had remarked about a poet, that he had 'hawk's vision' and he was able 'To see the individual life related not only to the local social life of its time, but to the whole of human history.....gives one both humility and self-confidence. 'A famous collection of this particular poet is 'Wessex Poems". Who is this poet?
    Thomas Hardy
    Edward Thomas
    Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Wilfred Owen
  • 6
    Who was the American poet whom Ted Hughes had married, but she later committed suicide by asphyxiation?
    Sylvia Plath
    Elizabeth Burton
    Maud Gonne
    Assia Wevill
  • 7
    Who has written the poems 'Dockery and Son' and 'Poetry of Departures'?
    W.H. Auden
    Philip Larkin
    Ted Hughes
    Seamus Heaney
  • 8
    Poet W.B. Yeats had written a poem called 'A Coat'. In the poem, the richly embroidered 'coat' is actually a metaphor for something much deeper he wishes to say. What is it that he wishes to express?
    The poet has composed a beautiful song for his beloved, Maud Gonne, but he was laughed at when he presented it, because Maud did not return his love
    The poems that he has composed and written have been stolen by some others, who present it to the world and call it their own.
    The poet possesses a beautiful gift, which has been stolen by some 'fools', as he calls them
  • 9
    The poem 'Mariana' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson was inspired by a work of Shakespeare. Which is that play?
    Measure for Measure
    A Winter's Tale
    Romeo and Juliet
  • 10
    What is the main theme of Wordsworth's poem, 'Nutting'?
    Childhood memories can never be forgotten.
    There is no theme in this poem as such, it just tells of the how the poet enjoyed going out to gather nuts in his early days.
    Life is so full of pressure and routine, that even a single moment spent with nature must be cherished.
    Realization that there exists a life in nature, nature too contains The Divine Spirit.