Would You Make a Good Leader?

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This is a test to see if you would make a good leader. If you are, YOU decide what to do with your skills!

  • 1
    If you were in the mid-evil age, and your castle got ambushed, what would you do?
    Retreat and let them take over your castle.
    Retreat to an ally and ask them for help, and then come back to reclaim your castle.
    Scream the order, "Get to your defensive positions, and make it fast!"
    Retreat to a secret passage in your castle, and wait until the enemy leaves.
  • 2
    If you were on the losing baseball team, and you were the captain, what would you do to help win the game?
    Tell them to all hit home runs and it only matters if we win.
    Scream at them and throw your hat to the ground.
    Encourage them and tell them to play just a little harder, and it only matters if you're doing your best.
  • 3
    If you were about to die with all of your people that you commanded, and they served you well, what would be your last words?
    I am proud to die with all of you. You are the most loyal troop a man could ever have.
    Let us rest. It's been fun working with ya, boys.
    You are the worst people in the world! You got us into this mess!
  • 4
    If you were a kid leading a bunch of grow-ups, and they offered you advice, what would you do?
    Tell them, "I make the rules here! Go away!"
    Take the advice and if you don't like it, don't do it.
    Since they are grown-ups, and you are a kid, they are smarter than you, so you should take the advice.
  • 5
    If you are dying, and you have a choice of three people to pass your leader ship onto, who would it be? One of the people bosses people around, but his ideas are really good and really strategic. Another is really nice, and takes ideas from others, but can't think of good ideas on his own. The last person is a jerk, and nobody likes him, but he has the best ideas and he is the most strategic.
    The man who bosses people around.
    The man who is really nice.
    The man who nobody likes.
  • 6
    If you are leading an ambush, and you get spotted, what do you do?
    You let the scout go back to the castle and tell his boss, and then you don't ambush, but make a normal attack.
    Follow the scout to the castle and then kill him.
    Make sure he doesn't leave your range of sight.
  • 7
    If you are in charge of a building project, and you lose the most important piece of the project, what do you do?
    Stop the building project.
    Try to build it. You are builders, aren't you?
    Wait a year for the next one to come.
  • 8
    You are in charge of a navy fleet, and two of your ships sunk out of four ships on one of your most important missions ever, and your enemies still have three ships. What do you do?
    Get out your life jackets and prepare to die.
    Try to fight and hope for the best.
  • 9
    You are the last squad left and you are facing three other squads. You squad has one rocket launcher, a flame thrower, and a machine gun. The other squads have one shot gun, and five desert eagles. What do you do?
    Retreat. They have much more squads than you.
    Take them from behind. It's your best chance at winning.
    Charge them. You have the heavy gear and you can win.
  • 10
    The enemy that you have been fighting for years offers you a peace treaty. What do you do?
    Accept it. There has been enough bloodshed already.
    Tell them it won't work. I want to win this war.
    Decline it and surrender to them.

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Dwip ( 42454 )
Posted 3 days ago
Hey guys I'm a good leader but I can do better
Rohan ( 52975 )
Posted 17 days ago
Hey I'm the perfect leader!
Shadow ( 78983 )
Posted 524 days ago
I knew it I knew I was a great leader. Thank you. :) :) :)