Does He Love You?

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Does your boyfriend really love you like he says?

  • 1
    When you are sick at home, what does he do?
    Offer to come over to take care of you.
    Nothing; wait for you to call him.
    Text/call you, ask if you're okay, and then say he's going to hang out with the boys.
  • 2
    When you get a new hairstyle, is he....
    Or totally says nothing about it and continues talking about football.
    Sees it and then says "Oh, it's okay."
    The first to compliment it.
  • 3
    When you want to do something other than hanging out at the house as usual, he...
    Complains and says he really wanted to do what he wanted.
    Ask if you can do what you both wanted to do so everyone's happy.
    Is on board, tells you to choose what you wan, t and he'll pay.
  • 4
    His favorite thing about you?
    Your body
    Your butt
    Your smile
  • 5
    What does he do most to you in public?
    Hug you.
    Keep trying to make out.
    Ignore you and have you walk beside him as if you're just a friend.
  • 6
    Does he tell you when things happen to him..
    Never; he just doesn't care about you knowing about him.
    Only when you ask.
    Right away!
  • 7
    When you say "I think I'm fat, babe. Am I pretty?" He says...
    "Yeah, you've gained some but that's okay. I mean, you're still attractive."
    "No, you're not fat, babe. I love your body. And you're not pretty, you're beautiful."
    "Baby, so what if you're a little curvy? I still love you."
  • 8
    You ask him if he ever thought about marrying you. What would be his response?
    I don't even want to get married; that's too many problems.
    Yes. Every day and every night. I want you be the the one.
    I think about it, but you never know. We might lose interest in each other.
  • 9
    Your favorite band comes to town for concert and your boyfriend's ticket was accidentally put next to another girl's seat. What does he do?
    Sits next to her and strikes up a million conversations.
    Sits next to the girl anyways but only look at you.
    Tries to trade with the person next to you, explaining the mix-up.
  • 10
    After school, you have cheer-leading practice and is desperately hydrated. He..
    Says "Babe, take it like a man. I get dehydrated all the time playing sports, and then I'm fine."
    Says "just get a drink from the school fountain" and leaves you.
    Runs over to the store and brings you back a Gatorade ASAP!
  • 11
    When he looks at you, you feel:
  • 12
    What's the reason you are taking this quiz?
    I know my boyfriend loves me; I just wanted to take it for fun.
    My boyfriend's a total egghead and this quiz was to really open my eyes.
    My boyfriend says he loves me but then sometimes acts dumb; I just wanted to find the reason behind it.
  • 13
    Do you love your boyfriend?
    Yeah, but he needs some work.
    Hard to say; he's always making me cry.

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