Are you the best friends ever?

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Find out if you and your best friend will be friends forever or a one-hit friendship!

  • 1
    Your friend has just been dumped by her boyfriend and she calls to tell, what do you do?
    Make her laugh
    Laugh at her
    Go over to her house and comfort her
    Take her shopping to get her mind off things
    Try and cheer her up over the phone
  • 2
    You and your friend are at the movies, she wants to see a horror film, whilst you want to see a comedy, how do you sort it out?
    Say that you will pay for her if you see the movie you want to see
    Flip a coin
    Make her see the movie you want to see
    Say you can see the movie she wants to see as long as you see one you want to next time
  • 3
    You are both going to a party and you've been shopping for that perfect outfit for months. When you get to the party you find out shes wearing exactly the same out fit as you!, What do you do?
    Change outfit
    Put some really funky shoes on to distracts people from your outfit
    Go in a mood with her
    Tell her to go home and change outfit
    Put on loads of accessories so it looks as if your wearing different outfits
  • 4
    You've both been crushing on the same guy for months, and he plucked up the courage to ask you out, whilst your friend is watching, do you....?
    Say yes and show off to your friend about it
    Say maybe, and ask your friend what she thinks about it
    Scream YES from the top of your voice
    Say no, cause you might hurt your friend
    Say no and start screaming at him
  • 5
    Where would you take your friend if she was upset?
    Nowhere, she can be upset by herself
    Theme Park
  • 6
    You have a lesson you've been dreading with a teacher who scares you, what does your friend say to you?
    It will be fine
    I'm so glad it's not me
    Good Luck
    Don't be scared, your taller than her! hehe
  • 7
    What is your friend most likely to fall out with you about?
    Talking to a guy you both like
    Who likes the Jonas Brothers the most
    Going to other places and talking with your other BFFs
    We've never fell out!
  • 8
    Who's more truthful?
    I sometimes tell white lies, nothing big
    She sometimes tell white lies, nothing big
    She always lies to me
    We are both truthful to each other
    I always lie to her
  • 9
    Do you wear friendship bracelets?
    I lost mine
    Yes, we brought them
    Neither of us would spend money on that
    Neither of us would bother making them
    Yeah, course, we both spent time making them
  • 10
    You and one of your other friends you are really close to are hanging out loads and your friend thinks you are leaving her out, what do you do?
    Buy her some shoes
    Ditch your other friend
    She doesn't listen so you write her a song
    Try to tell her your still BFFs
    Ask your other friend if she would like to meet your BFF

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