Which element do you specialize in? (A vampire academy quiz)

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In Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, every moroi specialized in one of the 4 elements: earth, fire, water, and air. Lissa, however, specialized in an unheard of fifth element called spirit. Do you want to find out which element you specialized in?

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    First of all, which element DO you want to specialize in?
    Spirit- you can work compulsion almost as well as a strigoi can. You can't bare seeing pain when you can help. You are calm and nice and mild. But when you are really mad, nobody would be in your way. Not even strigoi.
    Fire- you hate strigoi. You just want to kill every strigoi on earth. Yet, you are just a moroi. But you don't want to sit there, waiting to be protected. You are more of a vampire of action. But you get mad easily. That's one down side of fire.
    Water- you can control water, ice, vapors, etc. You love the water and you are as pure and clear as the water. You are calm under most ocations, but if you are mad, people better stay away.
    Earth- you like all things nature. You love the earth a lot and can move things around with your mind. You can, in other words, control the earth's weather and all things on it.
    Air- air is your friend. You can move the air all you want. It's probably the best way to torture people.
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    Your school is under attack. What do you do.
    Calm down. The dhampirs would do all the work. Stay in your dorm and wait. I need a drink of water.
    What? Strigoi? Why didn't anybody tell me?
    Everything's going to be alright. The gardians and novices are going to protect us. I hope nobody dies.
    I stay inside with my friends. Strigoi are scary.
    Strigoi? *faint* *wake up* I gotta help!
  • 3
    You are in love with a strigoi. The strigoi loves you back. What do you do?
    Haha. As if!
    I'm not afraid. *faint*
    But that guy's a strigoi!
    I'm not afraid of him.
    He can kill! But he loves me.
  • 4
    A royal just asked you out. What do you do?
    Depends on who he is.
    Yes! Yes! absolutely a thousand times yes!
    Does he want to bite me? Oh well.
    As if! haha! Royals suck! Well, except for me. I'm awsome!
    Be thrilled, even though I am a royal too.
  • 5
    Royals are...
    Better than me
    Easy to use compulsion on
  • 6
    Are friends
    Fight strigoi
    Are best friends
    Are cool
    Works for us!
  • 7
    The person you hate just walked right past you. You...
    Stay calm.
    Think: MAGIC FIGHT!
    Drown her
    Think: wait til I'm done with you.
    Rot the bench that she's walking on
  • 8
    It's Christmas break. You...
    Hang out with your best friend.
    SNOW! YAY!
    HATE SNOW! It's SOOOOOO cold!
    Hang out in the snow and ski.
  • 9
    You've just been kidnapped by the strigoi you love. What do you do?
    I don't know.
    Yah right! You are not hurting my friends!
    Love's so wonderful... And SCARY!
    Love. isn't it wonderful?
    Well, he loves me doesn't he?
  • 10
    Last but not least, will you marry a dhampir?
    Um.. no.
    Yah. If he/she loves me back.
    I don't know. I'm royal. But maybe.

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