So, you think you know about Twilight Saga? Let's find out!

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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse-How aware are you of the the Twilight Saga? Take this test and find out!

  • 1
    What was Edward doing when he heard Bella and Mike going to the nurse's office after the blood test in the biology class?
    He was ready to go off hunting
    He was already gone
    He was walking around the parking lot
    He was talking on the phone with Carlisle
    He was in his car listening to music
  • 2
    What did Edward ask Bella to get to know her better?
    Is your favourite season summer?
    And you put yourself into that category?
    What are you going to cook for Charlie tonight?
    Are you going to get a new car?
    What music is in your CD player right now?
  • 3
    How did Bella escape from Alice and Jasper at the airport while they were waiting for Edward?
    She asked them to let her by herself for awhile
    She asked Alice to help her buy something from the airport
    She went to the ladies room
    She tried to seduce Jasper to let her go
    She gave them money
  • 4
    What did Edward give to Bella for her birthday?
    A kiss
    A sexy dress
    A CD with his music
    A necklace he had from his mother
    A new sports car
  • 5
    With who did Bella go to the movies? Which movie did they watch?
    Angela and Ben. Love is Everywhere
    Sam and Emily. Dancing with the wolves
    Edward and Alice. Crosshairs
    Charlie and Renee. Dead End
    Jake and Mike. Crosshairs
  • 6
    Which powers do the Volturi have(Aro, Caius, Marcus)
    Mind-reading by touching, none, feel the relations between people
    Nobody have powers
    None, make people like him, strong feeling on survive
    Feel and affect the mood around him, see the future, be really patient and make everyone around him too
    See the future, none, none
  • 7
    What did Bella think about Edward when the came back from Italy?
    She thinks that she has already fell in love with Jake
    She think he's a dream
    She thinks that he got ugly
    She realises how much she had missed him
    She believes that he hates her
  • 8
    Which members of the wolf pack have already imprinted?
    Seth, Leah, Sam
    Sam, Jared, Quil
    Jacob, Quil, Paul
    Jacob, Embry, Quil
    Sam, Jacob, Leah
  • 9
    Which members of the Cullen family said their story to Bella in Eclipse?
    Alice and Esme
    Jasper and Edward
    Rozalie and Jasper
    Carlisle and Edward
    Emmett and Rozalie
  • 10
    Which vampires tried to kill Bella?
    Victoria and Aro
    Alice and Rozalie
    Jane and Alec
    Victoria and Riley
    James and Laurent

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