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  • 1
    Someone knocks on the door, what do you do?
    Call 911.
    Open the door.
    Set the door on fire.
    Break the door down and chuck a picture frame at them.
  • 2
    You are walking down the street and someone looks at you, what now?
    Set a picture frame on fire and chuck it at them.
    Run to the nearest police station and report being stalked.
    Smile and wave.
  • 3
    Your dream vacation is…
    The inside of an active volcano.
    A padded cell in the middle of a highly secure area with your favorite picture frame.
    A pirate ship. ARG!
  • 4
    You and your family are having dinner with the new neighbor when you spill gravy all over your neighbor’s lap. You…
    Tell them you’re very sorry and offer to help clean it up.
    Run away so that they don’t kill you with their picture frame.
    Set the gravy on fire.
    Scream at them and say “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”
  • 5
    You like having a friend who…
    Is always there for you.
    Can set things on fire.
    Is willing to endure your picture frame chucking.
    Always has access to the FBI.
  • 6
    Someone who’s heard about your party asks you why she hasn’t received her invitation. You…
    Say, “Oh here it is!” and promptly set it on fire.
    Smash a picture frame over their head.
    Tell her that you’re sorry and that you forgot it at home.
    Call the police because you swear she’s plotting against you.
  • 7
    What do you do whenever you see your little sister in the halls at school?
    Smile and say hi.
    Hide behind the nearest large person.
    Set her hair on fire.
    Sabotage her and her little friends by chucking picture frames at them.
  • 8
    You are bored during a long road trip. To entertain yourself you…
    Read a book.
    Smash the windows and jump out to steal picture frames.
    Set the cars around you on fire.
    Hide in the secret compartment under the seats because the baby in the car next to you is staring.
  • 9
    Your assignment in art class is to draw a bird. You…
    Set the paper on fire.
    Draw people hitting birds with picture frames.
    Draw bunches of birds in cages hoping to subdue your evil art teacher.
    Draw a bird.
  • 10
    You try to make friends by...
    Talking to them.
    Chucking picture frames at them.
    Locking yourself in your cabin and calling 911 whenever someone comes within 200 feet.
    Setting their hair on fire.
  • 11
    Talking lawn gnomes.
    Someone call the FBI! They’re out to get me!

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