Do you love your boyfriend?

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Think you've found love but not completely sure. This quiz can help you out.

  • 1
    For starters, how long have you two been going out?
    Over a month so that has to mean a lot.
    A couple days.
    It doesn't matter to me, I've liked him since long before we've been going out and that's what matters.
    A week or two.
  • 2
    Do you talk to each other everyday?
    Everyday. We talk for HOURS!
    No. We can never make time.
    Usually unless one of us is too busy.
    Not really.
  • 3
    Who calls who first?
    We call each other whenever we feel like it. It doesn't really matter who calls who first to us.
    I have to call him, because he doesn't like calling me.
    He always has to call me. I refuse to call him.
    We never talk on the phone.
  • 4
    When you're with him, do you two make it known that you're a couple?
    Neither one of us do.
    We don't flaunt our affection but we make it known.
    He tries to but sometimes he's kind of embarrassing so I don't always go along with it.
    I try to but he usually doesn't go along with it.
  • 5
    If someone's making fun of you, does he stick up for you.
    I know he does. I've even had people tell me about it and say that they think he's really good for me.
    Sometimes depending on who it is.
    He does in front of me but people have told me that it's not always like that if you know what I mean...
  • 6
    He cheats on you. Do you stay with him?
    I'd just cheat on him back.
    I like him, but I don't think I like him that much.
    No! He's not worth that! I'd slap him right in the face without a question!
    I trust him enough not to.
  • 7
    When you first see him, what's the first thing he does?
    Sometimes he gives me a hug.
    We kinda stand there awkwardly for a couple of minutes.
    Runs up to me and gives me a HUGE hug and a nice little kiss.
    We just start doing whatever was planned for the day.
  • 8
    When you're with him, what's the best setting for the occasion?
    When we see each other the setting doesn't matter to me. We're together and that's what matters.
    We ALWAYS have to be alone. I hate his friends!
    He refuses to go around my friends so we're usually either with his friends or alone...
    Public! One on one time is kind of awkward.
  • 9
    When he kisses you, how do you feel?
    He's a bad kisser so I don't enough it that much.
    We haven't kissed.
    On top of the world! His kisses make me feel like we're the only two people on the earth.
    I've felt the same when I've kissed other guys that I didn't love.
  • 10
    Have you told him you loved him yet?
    Yes, because I know I do.
    Yeah, but I didn't really mean it.
    He's said it to me but I'm afraid to say it back.

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dana ( 62.20 )
Posted 47 days ago
i do love him & he loves me