Are you kind?

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Do you think you're nice, or not? If you don't know then take the quiz to find out.

  • 1
    If you're best friend had spinach in his/her teeth would you tell them?
    DEFINITELY NOT! She/he would get so mad at me!
    Well it depends. If it was just us, NO! If we were around anybody else YES!
  • 2
    If you saw someone fall would you help them up?
    Yes, I don't want anyone to hurt themselves.
    I would if 30 seconds later they still hadn't gotten up.
    No, they can get up themselves.
  • 3
    Do you like gossip?
    It depends what it's about.
    I HATE IT! It's cruel, and is mostly fictional.
    LOVE IT!
  • 4
    If a little kid asked to use your new toy would you let them?
    No, they would break it.
    It depends on the toy and the little kids age.
    Yes, all humans are equal.
  • 5
    If you're friend asked you to help them clean their room you would...
    "Sorry, I'm busy" and leave
    "I'll help you clean up part of it but you should clean up the rest. You should learn responsibility."
    "Sure! I would love to help you!"
  • 6
    If someone asked for you to help them sell animals at the animal shelter you would...
    Say "No, I'm allergic" (Though I'm not.)
    I would say "I'll make part of it but my parents don't like me being out for so long."
    I would say, "I would love too! And maybe I will convince my parents to buy something."
  • 7
    If you had a little sister in kindergarten who asked you to help them with their spelling you would say...
    "No, I'm bad at it"
    "SURE! What do you need to know?"
    "Maybe a couple words"
  • 8
    If someone mistaken you for there friend how would you tell them you are the wrong person?
    I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person. Let me help you find them.
    Unhand me you fool! Don't make me call 911!
    I think you have the wrong person, SO LEAVE ME ALONE!
  • 9
    If you asked someone their favorite song and it was a song you hated what would you do?
    I would say, horrible song! Get a life!
    Say, I haven't heard that song a lot. Maybe you could play it so I could see if I like it or not.
    Tell them I had to leave.
  • 10
    Do you like this test?
    Why should I?
    Ugh, I have to go.
    I think it is very interesting.
  • 11
    Should it be over?
    Uh, I left already, remember?
    No, unless you are ready for it to be done.

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