World War 3-Are You a Survivor?

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Will you survive world war 3, with all the cool nukes and stuff? Find out if you are meant for saving the world in the war!

  • 1
    You are asked to join the army by a sergeant, to fight for the freedom of the country as for research has apparently showed war breaking out soon. What should you do?
    Tell him you'll join and do an impossibly excellent job or die trying.
    Tell him: well...I don't want to but I should.
    Say: NO WAY! I am not just walking into a death field!
    Tell him you will join but question him of why YOU have to join.
  • 2
    Now say you have joined the war, boy or girl, and have heard the very first gunshots of war and suddenly you hear a siren blaring loudly and sergeant telling everyone: MOVE OUT, MOVE OUT! Enemies are seen in the distance already...
    Fire at the torso madly while throwing grenades to blow them up at the same time.
    Strategize on trying to end them easily at aiming for heads.
    Run around screaming for help! HELP HELP!
    Strategize cleverly on aiming for legs and slowing them to aim for torso again.
  • 3
    The enemy soon wears down and they are frightened and some have lost too much morale and surrendered.Soon you and your squad move out to machine gunners in towers and sharp shooters entrenched. What do you do?
    Duck into an empty trench and sit there throwing grenades in random directions.
    Fire at the machine gunner and throw a grenade to the trench.
    Jump into the tower and deal with the gunner personally, and so the same with the sniper.
    Duck under a barrier and Throw a grenade into the trench and blow the sniper out and then deal with the tower.
  • 4
    The enemies are soon cleared and the team moves forward as you picked up the sniper rifle..your team spots a bomb nearby and planes flying dropping the bombs...your team has orders to take out some planes or aim for the group of riflemen out in war zone.
    Fire duel pistols at the team of rifles.
    Use a laser rocket launcher to get the planes.
    Use a volt-tech-mini gun to wipe out the rifle team.
    Ask a nearby local on where to get extra rations of rum for the trip...
    End the raging planes with heavy laser rifles...after all, it's the future!
  • 5
    There's a large nuke that's actually close to your team. The blast radius is deadly and it blows hundreds away and dead...a few people including you, survive in your team but the sergeant is down..What will you do?
    Tell the team to stay calm and think of what to do...
    *Sit there doing nothing* thinking
    Call in a rescue copter to save him and fend him off while it gets there and tell the team to stay calm to keep morale neutral at least.
  • 6
    The team has called rescue but it hasn't arrived at all...the team fends off dozens of soldiers and bombs but nothing happens...The sergeant is in great pain.....
    Put a bullet in his head then continue your march.
    Carry him around looking for safety...
    Tell him...SORRY...*POW* End his misery with a single bullet...
  • 7
    Sergeant meet death soon...your team is forced to move on...what's left of your team at least...your team moves on and it gets silent see your moving to where the nuke blew up...*cough* need to get out of here...your team leaves and smoke clears up just in time to see a long wide wave of soldiers...
    Shoot them all...
    Chuck a load of grenades to the crowd and say: SUCKERS!
    ...........PULL OUT A ROCKET LAUNCHER! i will kill us ALL!
  • 8
    Your team is soon separated as everyone starts fighting and running around shooting...soon it's over...your's getting start to move along...a dart gets thrown to your get woozy then drop asleep...Face first...then wake up all tied up...a man says: Choose your death:
    One head...ouch...
    A knife and some throats...
    Gas...*cough* *cough* I taste it already.
  • 9
    Before you speak the guy gets a call and he leaves the room, guards are still there...
    Secretly struggle around and get loose then strike at surprise...
    Bite at the rope...
    Get on your legs and back up fast and smash the chair letting rope free and attack
  • 10
    You get free of rope and kill the guards and next things you know the man walks in...with a gun to your face.
    Accept defeat...surrender...
    Fight him back...simple
    Influence him to's over man...what's the point of killing me? this war is over and my side the British against German...
    Charge at him and try to kill him...
  • 11
    The guy walked in and said to die...the team walked in and said to die...To the man...The team kills him easily and starts screaming at you: WE WON THE WAR! NOTHING IS LEFT! WE WON! Wow.I thought we might win quick: you and team walk out and have a choice, what to do:
    Walk back to the base.
    Walk back to the base.
    Have a drink of rum and head back to base.
    Walk back to the base.
    Walk back to the base.
  • 12
    You get to the base and your team was awarded a special award...The award of... HONOR... PROTECTION... And...PRIDE...honor for helping the sergeant in honor in his death for protecting sergeant...and pride for having faith in sergeant...and every ones average medal of excellence for being in the war...
    Have a happy ending and walk to the bar for a job well done drink...
    Have a happy ending and walk to a diner for dinner...
    Have a happy ending and walk home in the sunset...
    Have a happy ending and just sit in your hot tub...
    Have a happy ending and walk to a pet store and buy a celebratory puppy...

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I get to sit in my hot tub sippin a margarita
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Best.Quiz.EVER!I love it,5/5!