Which Warriors cats Clan are you in?

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In the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, there are many different clans. Which one are you in? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    What is your territory like?
    Open moor, heather.
    Sandy gorge and a few tall, tall trees.
    Boggy marsh, pine trees
    Rivers and streams. Lots of water.
    Lots of trees and undergrowth.
  • 2
    What is usually on your fresh-kill pile?
    Lots of birds and squirrels.
    Fish, and water voles.
    Lizards, frogs, toads, sometimes a snake and rats.
    Mice, voles, squirrels, a few birds and an occasional rabbit.
  • 3
    You entered the Olympics, which would you prefer doing?
    The long jump or trampoline.
    Swimming laps.
    I wouldn’t enter the Olympics, only because the events that I like are during the day, and I prefer the night.
    The 100m dash.
  • 4
    You are bored, but all the patrols are full. What do you do?
    Invite your friends to a tree climbing contest.
    Go swimming.
    Kill a cat so you can take his/her place in the patrol.
    Try to find something useful you can do to help your clan.
    Stare at some heather and wonder why it’s purple.
  • 5
    You are at a gathering! What do you do?
    Be suspicious about anything another clan cat asks you.
    Talk about the warrior code. What else is there to talk about?
    Exchange gossip with other clans. Hey, it’s harmless, right?
    Brag about how much prey your clan has, though the other clans are starving.
    Listen closely to things that might serve as a weakness to the other clans, and use it against them when attacking.
  • 6
    What is the last thing that happens before you fall asleep at night?
    I see the sandy walls of the cave.
    I don’t sleep at night, that’s when I hunt.
    I see the stars far in the sky.
    I hear the rustling of the leaves.
    I hear the rushing of the river.
  • 7
    What is the worst thing your clan been attacked by in the past?
    A dog pack!
    A terrible disease!
    A flood!
  • 8
    You are deputy; your leader is on the brink of death, and no one else is around. What do you do?
    Do everything you can to save him/her, even if it isn’t your leader’s last life.
    Fight the urge to kill him/her and become leader.
    Run as fast as you can to get a medicine cat, then take all the glory when your leader recovers.
    Kill him/her off quickly, and pretend you didn’t do it.
    Stand back and watch him/her die, hoping it isn’t his/her last life.
  • 9
    What is the majority of your clan’s pelts colored?
    Black or dark colored.
    Ginger or brown, things that blend in with sandy cliffs.
    Pale ginger, or yellow, colors that blend in with the moor.
    Blue-gray or silver-ish.
  • 10
    What can you do really well that cats in other clans can’t?
    Run very fast.
    Jump really high and far
    Do anything in darkness.

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