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  • 1
    What was not on Ross's list as a reason not to date Rachel?
    She's spoiled
    She's ditsy
    She has chubby calves
    She's too into her looks
  • 2
    Who walked Phoebe down the aisle when she married Mike?
    Her real dad
    Her Step dad
  • 3
    Who once thought about having a threesome?
  • 4
    In the episode where Chandler can't cry, what happens that finally makes him start crying?
    Monica tells a story of what it would be like if she died.
    He sees how much Ross and Rachel care about each other and wants them to be together
    The gang shows him pictures of his childhood
    He remembers not being chosen on the figure skating team
  • 5
    Who tells Rachel about Ross sleeping with Chloe?
    Issac, Chloe's friend
    Jasmine, Phoebe's friend
  • 6
    When Joey dates a stalker what does he say to get rid of her?
    He is not really an actor
    He's Drake Romoray's evil twin brother Hans
    He's moving to Yemen
    He is gay
  • 7
    Why are Joey and Rachel unable to sleep together?
    They can't stop laughing
    Their friendship is too strong
    They can't get each other's clothes off.
    They are too drunk
  • 8
    What happens at the beach house that shocks Phoebe?
    She finds out who her real mom is
    She finds a picture of her real dad
    She find out about Ross and Rachel getting back together
    She finds out where her dad lives
  • 9
    Who is not on Ross's list of celebrities he's allowed to sleep with?
    Yasmine Bleeth
    Winona Ryder
    Elizabeth Hurley
    Isabella Rossalini
  • 10
    Who has never kissed?
    Rachel and Phoebe
    Ross and Joey
    Monica and Phoebe
    Rachel and Monica
  • 11
    Put Rachel's boyfriends in order?
    Barry, Paolo, Ross, Joshua, Tag, Ross
    Barry, Paolo, Ross, Joshua, Tag, Paul, Ross
    Barry, Paolo, Ross, Joshua, Tag, Danny, Ross
    Barry, Paolo, Ross, Joshua, Paul, Tag, Ross
  • 12
    How many years apart were Monica and Richard?
  • 13
    Finish the quote.
    Monica: Fine! Fine! Judge all you want to but married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer....
    Kissed a man, has a third nipple
    Tried to swallow a plate, live in a box
    Threw a dog in a fire, lives with a monkey
    Threw a girl's wooden leg in a fire, live in a box
  • 14
    Where did Joey meet Mike?
    On set
    At the coffee house
    At a party
    At the library
  • 15
    When Rachel tells her dad she is pregnant why does she say Ross doesn't want to marry her?
    Because he doesn't want to get divorced for the fourth time
    Because her dad hates him
    Because he thinks she's damaged goods
    Because she doesn't want to
  • 16
    Who proposes to Rachel in final episode of season 8?
    No one
  • 17
    Where's one place we don't see Janice after she stops dating Chandler?
    At the coffee house
    In a semi private hospital room
    At the doctor's office
    At Monica's restaurant
  • 18
    Put the restaurants Monica's worked at in order?
    Javu, Alessandro's
    Moondance, Javu, Alessandro's
    Moondance, Alessandro's, Javu
    Alessandro's, Moondance, Javu
  • 19
    Name the men Monica sleeps with in the Friends series?
    Paul, Fun Bobby, Hulio, Pete, Ethan, Richard, Chandler
    Paul, Chandler, Richard, Pete
    Chandler, Richard, Pete, Fun Bobby
    Chandler, Richard, Pete, Hulio
  • 20
    Finally, which friend is 1/16 Portuguese?

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