Which dog breed are you?

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Find your inner best friend!

  • 1
    How active would you regard yourself?
    I'm alright, I do one or two sports.
    I do HEAPS of sport like Little As, soccer, netball etc.
    I do the strong kids stuff - shot put, excessive running etc.
    Well, I don't do any sport but I do join in P.E class.
    Active? I like to be relaxed!
  • 2
    What is your favourite sized/temperament dog?
    A really energetic farm dog.
    Something strong and sturdy to scare away strangers.
    A family pet, not necessarily active, but will join in with some of the fun.
    And active families pet.
    Any small lazy lap dog.
  • 3
    Do you have/want a dog, if so, what kind?
    One that will help mum/dad/me with the police or as a guard dog.
    One that will run long distances but will get tired enough for the family to cuddle.
    One that will be a good family pet, not to active, but not to lazy.
    A lazy dog to sit on my lap and cuddle me.
    One that runs around heaps and will do jobs for me.
  • 4
    If you were a dog how would you like to be treated?
    One for cuddles by the fire at night. Not an active dog.
    Not a lap dog, but the pet of an alright family who goes for a brisk walk.
    Someone to give me lots of jobs to do on the farm where I can run around like mad!
    I'd like to be with an active family where I can run around the block a few times and then wind down.
    I'd like to be someone special. Like a guide dog, a police dog or someone to protect and go on missions.
  • 5
    What is your favourite dog breed of the following?
    Jack Russell - An active family pet, but able to slow down when wanted
    Chihuahua - small and lazy
    Border Collie - Active and on the go, a great farm dog.
    Pomeranian - A good family pet to go for a brisk walk or two but not too active
    German Sheppard or Labrador - a good breed for the local jobs e. g. Police, Guard dog or guide dog.
  • 6
    What sort of music do you like?
    Adventurous music that goes to movies.
    Anything to hype me up.
    Calm, soothing music to put me to sleep
  • 7
    What toys do you play with?
    Computer games.
    Skipping or/and gardening
    None, I'd rather be out doing sport. - Soccer balls etc.
    Snuggling to my teddy or none.
    Toy guns and weapons and police stuff.
  • 8
    Other than dogs what is your favourite pet?
    Birds - They fly around and can be active at times but they do settle and enjoy peace.
    Fish - They are slow and lazy like me.
    Horses - They are solid and strong and have jobs to do like racing and cart driving and cattle rounding.
    Tigers and big cats - They can run really fast and are really active like me.
    Hermit Crabs - Walk around and climb but enjoy peace as well. Slowish.
  • 9
    Of the following, which likely are you going to be when you grow up?
    Something that doesn't require me to being active.
    Maybe a horse rider who takes people out on trail rides.
    A stay at home mum or dad who looks after their kids.
    Probably someone representing my country in the Olympic games or races.
    A police officer, Fireman or nurse.
  • 10
    How smart would you consider yourself?
    What! I don't have time for homework I do to much sport!
    I want to be smart so I can get a good job as someone bossy and strong.
    Alright. I do my homework but I'd rather be playing.
    Pretty good. I do my homework and get good marks.
    Dumb. I hate doing homework and I would rather play computer games.

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