Twilight: Book or Movie, HARD QUIZ

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Was this scene from the book or movie?

  • 1
    Book: Where was Edward and Bella's first kiss?
    In Edward's bedroom
    In Bella's bedroom
    On the way back from the meadow
  • 2
    Movie: When did Bella meet Jacob?
    At Charlie's
    La Push
    First Beach
  • 3
    Book: What color shirt did Bella wear to Dinner with Edward?
  • 4
    Book: Who rode in the jeep with Edward and Bella, when leaving the clearing after the baseball game?
    No Body
    Alice and Jasper
    Alice and Emmett
  • 5
    Movie: When did Edward first give Bella a ride on his back?
    Atop the mountain, above the cloud bank
    Leaving the meadow, before it started raining
    Out his bedroom window, into the trees
  • 6
    Movie: Bella met Edward's family in the?
    Piano room
  • 7
    Book: Bella told Edward that she knew what he was when they were....
    In the woods, during school
    In his car, leaving the restaurant
    At lunch
  • 8
    Movie: Edward demonstrated how dangerous he was when he and Bella were....
    When James first smelled Bella
    In the meadow, after Bella got too close
    In the woods, after he sparkled in the sun
  • 9
    Book: Edward showed Bella what happens in the sun....
    In the meadow
    Atop tall trees
    Above the cloud banks
  • 10
    Movie: Where did Bella leave Alice and Jasper to meet with James?
    Renee's house
  • 11
    Movie: Who was the first person Bella saw when she awoke in the hospital?
  • 12
    Book: When did Edward tell Bella he was taking her to his house to meet the family?
    The morning after he first stayed the night
    The day he fixed the dent in her truck
    After Edward met Charlie
  • 13
    Movie: How often did Rosalie drive her red convertible to school?
    Many times
  • 14
    Movie: When Bella went to Port Angeles, to find a bookstore, what did she do?
    She never found the store
    She bought a book
    She did not even go in the store
  • 15
    Book: In Edward's bedroom, Bella told Edward she could not dance, what did Edward do after saying "I could always make you"?
    Threw her on his back and jumped out the window
    Showed his teeth and growled
    Pounced her onto his sofa
  • 16
    Book: Where were Edward and Bella when she told him of her theories of radioactive spiders?
    While standing at the salad Bar
    They sat together at lunch
    In the Car, leaving the restaurant
  • 17
    Book: How did the Cullens' attempt to cover Bella's scent from James?
    Rosalie and Bella switched clothes
    Esme and Bella switched clothes
    Rosalie wore Bella's coat through the woods
  • 18
    Movie: The morning after Bella and Edward were in Port Angeles, how did Bella plan on getting to school?
    She planned on driving, until she barely ran into his car
    She saw him outside through her window, he would give her a ride
    She planned on driving herself, as she did
  • 19
    Book: What did James say to Bella in the studio, before Edward saved her?
    How he created Alice
    That he was jealous
    He wanted Edward to avenge her
  • 20
    Book: Billy came over to Charlie's with homemade fish fry, and warned Bella while he was there, who was not there?

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