What Star Wars Hero Are You?

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This test will show whether or not you are the wise Yoda, or the sinister Sidious.

  • 1
    If you are cornered, with enemies surrounding, what do you do?
    Force push them all away and make a break for it
    Run away as fast as you can
    Stand down (You'll find a way eventually)
    Disassemble their bodies with the Force
    Offer them large amounts of credits
  • 2
    You're vessel is a?
    It doesn't matter as long as it can get places undercover
    Anything that's large
    Something very expensive
    Something that looks good
    Just something basic
  • 3
    You're stressed out, what do you do?
    Go home and see you're wife
    Make plans for the future
    Watch executions
    Practice you're saber skills
  • 4
    You're choice of weapon is?
    A light saber
    Either a blaster or a light saber
    Something powerful
    The dark side's power
    The Force
  • 5
    You're close quarters combat strategy is?
    Go for the spot that's not blocked
    Lightning fast saber moves
    Aim for a critical point
    Aim for the mid-section
    Take out something vital to fighting
  • 6
    You're choice of Force move is?
    Force pull
    Either push or pull
    Anything I have learned
    Force jump
    Force lightning
  • 7
    A droid stands in front of you and says "It's time to die!", what do you do?
    Cut it's head off
    Stab it through the gut
    Use Force push to move it out of the way
    Slice it in half
    Laugh, and then cut it's blaster in half and watch it run
  • 8
    You're knowledge of the Force is?
    Far beyond other masters
    Semi-large, learning new things once in a while
    Growing rapidly
    Very large
  • 9
    You're biggest fear is?
    The Jedi Order being destroyed
    I don't have any fears
    Losing the ones closest to me
    Being overthrown
    Being betrayed
  • 10
    You're best feat is?
    My even balance in both light saber skills, and the Force
    Tempting my enemies with the power of the dark side
    My amazing light saber ability
    My non-stop energy
    My knowledge of the Force

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