Edge Chronicles Test

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10 Questions - Developed by: Lewis Brown - Developed on: - 6.114 taken

So you think you know the Edge Chronicles?

  • 1
    When Twig found true love, What race was she?
    Whitecollar Woodwolf
  • 2
    Which books were Tem Barkwater in?
    Clash of the Sky Galleons, Beyond the Deepwoods, Freeglader, Stormchaser, Midnight over sanctaphrax
    Vox, Last of the sky pirates, Stormchaser
    Clash of the Sky Galleons, Beyond the Deepwoods, Freeglader, Stormchaser
    Just stormchaser and Midnight Over Sanctaphrax
  • 3
    What's Quints full name?
    Quintus Verginix
    Quintinius Voxus Verginix
    Quintinius Verginix
    Quintinius Jackal Verginix
  • 4
    What was the first kind of shop quaint was a crewmember of?
    Leagues Vessel
    His fathers Sky Pirate ship
    Sky Pirate ship
  • 5
    Who was the captain of the first Sky Ship quaint was a crewmember of?
    Linius Pallitax
    Wind Jackal
    Multinus Gobtrax
    Arborinus Verginix
    Vulnix Ploom
  • 6
    What's Twigs real name?
    Vox Verginix
    Screed Verginix
    Linius Verginix
    Twig Verginix
    Arborinus Verginix
  • 7
    What was Rook Barkwater's mother's name?
  • 8
    Who was Xanth Filatine's master until he had a change of heart and decided to help his friends instead of do his masters evil bidding?
    Zorbix Xaxis
    Orbix Filatine
    Orbix Xaxis
    Zorbix Filatine
  • 9
    In The Last of The Sky Pirates, Rook Barkwater and which two other people were set to make their own Skycrafts and go on an expedition in the Free Glades
    Magda Burlix, Stob Lummus
    Filbus Queep, Steg Jambles
    Ulbus Pentephraxis, Madga Burlix
    Garum Gall, Ulbus Pentephraxis
  • 10
    The stone pilot's true name?
    Wingnut Sleet

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