Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Quiz

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Test your knowledge about the fourth book in the Twilight Saga, and see if you really do know Breaking Dawn

  • 1
    Who is staring at Bella from their minivan, whilst she is waiting at traffic lights?
    Mr. Marshall
    No one she is imagining it
    Mrs. Weber
    Mike Newton
  • 2
    What are the two things that Bella has been going without to avoid being in public?
    Pop-Tarts and shoelaces
    Nothing, she loves attention
    Gas and chocolate
    Toothpaste and deodorant
  • 3
    Where is Bella when the two guys are taking pictures with her car?

    Inside the car
    Just waiting
    Still filling the tank
    Paying at counter
  • 4
    Who does Bella call to get an update on Jacob?

    Seth Clearwater
    Quil & Embry
    Billy Black
    Sam Uley
  • 5
    What does Bella want to wait for before they tell Charlie they are getting married?

    For her to decide; yes or no
    For Charlie to hang up his gun
    For Edward to tell Charlie
    For her nerves to calm down
  • 6
    What does Edward ask Charlie whilst he tells him they are getting married?
    For his blessing
    For Bella’s hand
    For him not to shoot him
    For him to please understand
  • 7
    What does Bella think about before she falls asleep on the night before her wedding?
    The Quileute legends
    The Volturi
    Her happy place
    The immortal children
  • 8
    When did Edward return from his bachelor party?
    Just after lunch
    The same time as Bella
    Minutes before the wedding
    First thing in the morning
  • 9
    When did Bella realize she was crying during the ceremony?
    When she see Edward
    When she walked down the stairs
    When she thinks about Jacob
    When she said I do
  • 10
    Who did Edward throw Bella’s borrowed garter at?

    Charlie Swan
    Emmett Cullen
    Mike Newton
    Angela Weber
  • 11
    Why did Edward become upset at the wedding?
    Bella wants to back out on her side of their deal
    He becomes enraged by Mike Newton’s thoughts
    He agrees with Jacob’s views about the ‘normal honeymoon’
    Jacob shows up
  • 12
    Why is Bella so nervous when they reach Isle Esme?
    She is not nervous at all
    She is scared of getting hurt
    She doesn’t know what to do
    She has changed her mind
  • 13
    What does Bella wear out onto the beach to have a midnight swim with Edward?
    A bikini
    French lingerie
    A towel
  • 14
    What was Bella covered in when she woke up the next day?
    Down and bruises
  • 15
    Who does Bella speak with, besides Edward, when she realizes she’s pregnant?
  • 16
    What makes Jacob realize Bella is pregnant?
    Edward tells him
    She cradles her womb
    Bella tells him
    He sees it right away
  • 17
    What did Bella compare Jacob’s imprinting to?
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    To her and Edward
    To magic
    To Shakespeare’s idea of love
  • 18
    What does Edward call the baby before it is born?
    The baby
    Little nudge
    The fetus
    That thing
  • 19
    What makes Edward change his views on the baby?
    He can hear it’s thoughts
    He realizes it loves Bella
    He has always loved it
    Bella convinces him
  • 20
    What was the name of the girl Jacob met in the park?
  • 21
    What does Bella do that induces her labour?
    It comes naturally
    She reaches for the spilt cup
    She tries to walks
    She shouts and upsets the baby
  • 22
    What is so different about Bella after she has changed?
    She has great strength
    She has great control
    She is dangerous
    She is easily distracted
  • 23
    What does Renesmee want when she cries?
  • 24
    What does Alice do when she see the vision of Irina telling the Volturi that they have created an immortal child?
    She sits down, unsure of what to do
    She leaves immediately with Jasper
    She runs after Irina
    She accidentally drops a vase
  • 25
    From whom does Bella learn she has an extra talent?
  • 26
    Out of all the vampires that stay to witness, who does Renesmee bond with the most?
  • 27
    What scares the Volturi the most?
    The wolves
    Bella’s shield
    The number of vampires against them
    That they could lose the fight
  • 28
    What makes Aro decide against killing Renesmee?
    The witnesses he has seen
  • 29
    Who has the ‘power of wishful thinking’?
  • 30
    What makes it hard for Bella to keep on ‘showing’ Edward what’s in her head?
    She’s too distracted by her thoughts
    She’s not very good at it
    She can’t do it at all
    He keeps on kissing her