Hogwarts 101

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And even though you may not get all the questions right, remember that you will at least learn something.

  • 1
    Let's start off easy. Who is the Headmaster at Hogwarts from books one to six, with the exception of a brief period in book five?
    Cornelius Fudge
    Armando Dippet
    Severus Snape
    Albus Dumbledore
    Minerva McGonagall
  • 2
    What kind of pets are students allowed to bring to Hogwarts?
    A cat, a rat, or an owl
    A snake, a lion, an eagle, or a badger
    Any animal they want
    An owl, a cat, or a toad
  • 3
    What does the school motto mean? (Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus)
    "Pure-bloods rule the magical world."
    "Magic will never die."
    "Never tickle a sleeping dragon."
    "Magic will always rule."
    "Help will always be found at Hogwarts for those who need it."
  • 4
    How many players are on the Quidditch teams, and what are they?
    7 - - 3 Chasers, 1 Captain, 2 Beaters, 1 Seeker
    5 - - 2 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Seeker
    7 - - 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Keeper, 1 Seeker
    5 - - 2 Chasers, 1 Beater, 1 Keeper, 1 Seeker
    8 - - 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 2 Keepers, 1 Seeker
  • 5
    What size of cauldron do first-years need to purchase for the school year?
    Size 2
    Size 4
    Size 3
    Size 5
    Size 1
  • 6
    What is the platform called where the Hogwarts Express drops off the students after their long journey?
    Wizarding Station
    Black Lake
    King's Cross
    Hogwarts Station
    Hogsmeade Station
  • 7
    Who are the ghosts of Hogwarts?
    Nearly Headless Nick, The Bloody Baron, The Grey Lady, The Fat Frier
    Nearly Headless Nick, The Dark Lady, The Bloody Frier, The Fat Baron
    The Bloody Lady, The Fat Baron, The Grey Frier, and Nearly Headless Nick
    Nearly Headless Nick, The Bloody Baron, The Fat Frier, Professor Binns
    Professor Binns, Nearly Headless Nick, The Grey Lady, The Bloody Baron
  • 8
    Who teaches, or used to teach, Muggle Studies?
    Alecto Carrow
    Professor Sinistra
    Cuthbert Binns
    Charity Burbage
    Severus Snape
  • 9
    Who was Filch's predecessor?
    Charity Burbage
    Apollyon Pringle
    Mundungus Fletcher
    Mrs. Figg
    Armando Dippet
  • 10
    Finally: Who plays the three main characters (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) in the Harry Potter movies?
    Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe, Emily Watson, Rupert Grint
    Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch, Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint
    Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Tom Felton

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