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You know you're a wonderful, loving compassionate person who knows what's wrong and what's right- or are you? Take my awesome quiz to see who you really are, then take a look at the results. Maybe you'll be pleased- maybe you'll want to tear your computer in half! Either way...... (gulp) you'll know.

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    Woah! Kamarin just told Ben who told Kristin that Matt still wets the bed! What do you do?
    You pass the message on and make fun of Matt at lunch. Ha ha!
    You defend poor Matt and tell those cruel gossipers off!
    You keep it quiet but don't stop the others. It might get trouble for YOU.
  • 2
    A little first grader just spilled grape juice on your new boom box. What do you do?
    Scream at him, "Look what you've done! I'm telling your parents!"
    Forgive him, but tell him to be more careful with his purple juice.
    Tease him for being such a little klutz, but otherwise leave him alone.
  • 3
    You're mom just told everyone's parents that your girlfriend dumped you! What do you do?
    Have a polite talk with your mom about what's private and what's not.
    Slam the door in her face and refuse to speak to her ever again.
    Speak with your mom during dinner and rant about proper respect!
  • 4
    Your little sister just tripped on hard pavement and starts t cry. What do you do?
    Yell, "crybaby!" and walk away laughing.
    Help her up and remind her to tie her shoes.
    Roll your eyes and nudge her to get up.
  • 5
    You recently lost your favorite DVD after having a late over with your BF. The next day at school, she shows you her new DVD- the same one that was just lost. You know it's yours. What do you do?
    Say nothing, but pout the rest of the day and ignore her.
    Ask politely where she got it then tell her you think it belongs to you. It does have that same marker scribble in the center.
    Snatch it out of her hand and ask how dare she take your DVD!
  • 6
    You just saw your girlfriend kissing your BF! What do you do?
    Walk away and forget the date you had planned at the spaghetti factory.
    Apologize and Say that this relationship isn't really working out. It's time to let go.
    Storm in and scream at her to get a life and show some respect!
  • 7
    It's Christmas and your little brother got 43 awesome presents! What did you get? two school outfits and a pocket thesaurus. What do you do?
    Throw a tantrum in the living room but end up sending thank you anyway.
    Send mean notes the relative and refuse to come out of your room for the rest of your life.
    Send thank you to the relatives and remember that it's the thought that counts.
  • 8
    You totally hate this quiz your taking! What do you do?
    Send nasty emails to the creator. (that's not nice)
    Gossip secretly online about this quiz.: (
    Simply email the person who created this and tell them politely what you thought.
  • 9
    Dan's just scammed you and said you can get cherries for a buck a pound! then, the cashier labeled them at five bucks a pound! What do you do?
    Sue them secretly!
    Have a fit in front of the staff and demand refund!
    Tell the cashier what you heard and say you're paying no more than a buck.
  • 10
    You're big sister's about to come and bump you off this cool quiz! What do you do?
    You leave the computer and steal all the cash from her wallet.
    Refuse to move and suggest that SHE take this quiz when you're finished.
    Start screaming at her to leave you in peace!

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kb ( 2.148 )
Posted 20 days ago
thanks for telling me the truth about myself. I think the game is nice and funny