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Think you know Gilmore Girls as well as me? Find out!

  • 1
    What is Rory talking to Lane about when Dean notices her at school?
    Lane's mom
    The town hay-ride
    The test tomorrow
    Rory changing schools
  • 2
    What movie does Rory refer to when Dean scares her as she's picking up her papers?
    Rosemary's Baby
    Oliver Twist
  • 3
    Why is Dean late to the Gilmore's house to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
    Taylor made him work another shift
    He had to but Lorelai some Red Vines
    Babette was questioning him
    Rory told him not to come
  • 4
    Where does Max Medina ask Lorelai out?
    Headmaster Charelston's office
    The Independence Inn
    Chilton's Bake Sale
    His classroom
  • 5
    What is on Rory's 16th birthday cake?
    "Happy 16th Birthday Rory!"
    A coffee cup
    Her face
  • 6
    What is Max's solution to Lorelai and him fighting?
    They should elope
    They should break up
    They should get married
    They should just drop it
  • 7
    What does Lorelai decorate for Rory when she goes to build a house?
    Screw Driver
    Hard Hat
  • 8
    What drag queens did Michel sit with at Lorelai's bachelorette party?
    Celine Dion and Mia Farrow
    Cher and Celine Dion
    Shirley Temple and Donna Reed
  • 9
    Why was Rory the "prettiest one" at her coming out event?
    The other girls got sloppy drunk
    She wasn't
    The prettier girl had a scab on her face
    Dean was with her
  • 10
    How much did Jess pay for Rory's basket?
  • 11
    Where was Jess when Rory went to New York to find him?
    Times Suare
    A hot dog stand
    The subway
    Washington Square Park
  • 12
    Who does Rory pick to write her essay on for her application to Harvard?
    Hilary Clinton
    Sarah Palin
    Bill Clinton
    Laura Bush
  • 13
    What paddle number does the young man Lorelai met at an auction have?
  • 14
    How many Thanksgiving meals to the Gilmore Girls eat?
  • 15
    Why does Dave talk down to Lane during band practice?
    To show Lane that he is manly
    Because Lane is bad at drumming
    To make it seem like they're not dating
    Because Dave is mad at Lane
  • 16
    What giant food does Rory get for Lorelai's birthday?
    Ice Cream
    French Fries
  • 17
    What did Luke do to Taylor's candy when they were arguing in season 4?
    He threw it around the store
    He coughed on it
    He ate it
    He stole it
  • 18
    What almost hit Rory when she found out Dean and Lindsay were getting married?
    A poster of Dean and Lindsay
  • 19
    What was on Rory's shoulder when she was in the Festival of Living Art?
    A rat
    A weasel
    A parrot
    A ferret
  • 20
    What did Emily call Richard's mustache?
    A caterpillar
    A fuzzy "thing"
    A gross mop
    A bug
  • 21
    What does Paris do to fit in during Spring Break?
    She joins a contest
    She gets drunk
    She hooks up with some guy
    She kisses Rory
  • 22
    What does TJ want to nickname Jess?
  • 23
    Why does Rory go to Europe with Emily?
    Lorelai is shipping her off
    Emily makes her
    Dean tells her to go
    Rory wants to leave
  • 24
    Why does Rory get drunk with Lane and Paris?
    Dean broke up with her
    Logan cheated on her
    She wants Logan to call
    Logan broke up with her
  • 25
    What date were Luke and Lorelai going to get married on?
    June 23rd
    August 4th
    Valentine's Day
    June 3rd
  • 26
    What did Luke get Lorelai for Valentine's Day?
    A bracelet
    A necklace from Logan
    A necklace
  • 27
    How many shots of tequila did Lorelai have at Lane's wedding?
  • 28
    What show was Logan's "Love Rocket" from?
    The Twilight Zone
    Rocket Power
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
  • 29
    How many Christmas trees did Chris, Lorelai, Rory and GiGi get?
  • 30
    What job does Rory get at the end of the show?
    Providence Journalism (ProJo)
    Reporting on Obama's campaign
    New York Times Fact Checker
    New York Times Fellowship

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Stacy ( 18.38 )
Posted 183 days ago
There were 4 Thanksgiving dinners. Luke's, Kim's, Sookie's and the Gilmore's