Resident Evil: Die, survive or be infected 2

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10 Questions - Developed by: Peter Alcock - Developed on: - 6.499 taken

The sequel quiz to the first Resident Evil: Die, Survive or be infected. Still based on Resident Evil Code Veronica X. Will you die, survive or become infected? According to your personality.

  • 1
    The plane has taken off. After 5-10 minutes the cargo room door opens. What would you do?
    Grab a few weapons and herbs and go check it out.
    I will die anyway. So I might as well kill myself.
    Check it out.
  • 2
    Upon checking the cargo room. You find a big Monster. It's not a zombie but an experiment of some sort. Their are explosives beside you and also a catapult. What would you do?
    Keep injuring the monster and launch the catapult.
    Grab my knife and fight it.
    Shoot the Explosives.
  • 3
    You defeat the monster. You go back to the bridge of the plane. You see that it's on auto pilot. What would you do?
    Smash the control panel.
    I made it this far. Better take the T-Virus.
    See where it takes me.
  • 4
    You arrive at the Antarctic. The plane has crashed into the Umbrella Corporation. What would you do?
    Take the T-virus. I did make it this far.
    Look around with my weapons and herbs.
    Stay in the plane.
  • 5
    You find 2 Giant Spiders. Poisonous Spiders obviously. You have to be careful because you notice gas tanks everywhere. What would you do?
    Fight it with something explosive.
    Squash it...With a pole or plank.
    Fight it with my knife or Gun.
  • 6
    You see a mutated monster below you but underneath grates. What would you do?
    Stare at it.
    Shoot it.
    Don't bother with it.
  • 7
    You find a locker Rattling. What would you do?
    Go into another room. It might be big. I'm better of with zombies.
    Shoot it.
    Go towards it.
  • 8
    Power has been restored to the corporation. But you come across a Moth. What would you do?
    Try and cut its wings off.
    Avoid or shoot it.
    Try and catch it.
  • 9
    You arrive on a helipad. But that mutant monster is chasing you around the helipad. What would you do?
    Fight it with normal ammo and weapons.
    Jump of the ledge of the helipad. I might as well die now.
    Grab the sniper rifle and shoot its heart.
  • 10
    You kill the mutant monster. You take the truck nearby and take off. After a while of driving. Tentacles speed over and grab the truck. What would you do?
    Kill myself. I don't want to see the creature.
    Stay in the truck.
    Get out of the truck.

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