Are you being PLAYED?

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You deserve better if your boyfriend/girlfriend is pretending to love you and be true, but is really out for something else from you. Sometimes they just want sex. Sometimes they want a backup so they can be confident while looking for who they really love. Sometimes they really believe they love you, but donít even know what that means. Watch out, because you can be really sucked in by someone if theyíre REALLY CONVINCING. This happened to me more than once, so I can help point out the signs to you.

  • 1
    Did they initiate everything? (first kiss, first ďI love you,Ē first sexual experience).
    No, not everything, itís either half-and-half, or I am the initiator.
    Yes, most everything, sometimes before Iím quite ready.
  • 2
    Have they ever made you choose between them and a good friend, whether directly or indirectly?
  • 3
    Have you ever caught them or heard about them looking at, flirting with, or doing more with someone else?
    Yes- more than once, or once in a serious way.
    No- never, or once, but it wasnít serious and they sincerely apologized.
  • 4
    Do they get truly worried when you are upset?
    No- they either donít care, or say they do but are insincere.
    Yes- they truly care, and I can rely on them to make me feel better.
  • 5
    Do they guilt-trip you into anything, like make you feel bad for them and cry and rant so that they can walk all over you? If they are having a rough time, of course, as their partner, you should listen to and support them, but if it is excessive, they are using you as a crutch, or they use their difficulties to make you do things, then itís very unhealthy.
    No- they would never do that. They might have a hard life, but it doesnít get in the way of our relationship.
    Yes- sometimes I feel so guilty or bad for them that I canít stand up for myself at all.
  • 6
    Have they ever physically or emotionally abused you?
  • 7
    Have they ever pressured you for sex?
  • 8
    Think about this really hard. When they are looking a you and smiling at you, are they smiling with their whole face, including their eyes, or just with their mouth?
    Their entire face lights up when they see me. Their smile is the essence of love.
    Just with their mouth.
  • 9
    Have you ever felt neglected by them?
  • 10
    Have they ever, randomly and out of the blue, bought expensive jewelry for you or other extraneous gifts that could be interpreted as being APOLOGY or GUILT gifts?
    Yes, how oddÖ
    No, I donít think so.
  • 11
    Have they ever threatened to break up with you if you donít do what they want?
    Yes, on more than one occasion. Theyíre manipulative.
    No, never. Or, we have almost broken up, but because of legitimate problems that we have since resolved.
  • 12
    Have they ever tried to rationalize unfaithful behavior?
    No, never. We have set boundaries, and we both follow them.
    Yes- they are often saying things like: ďBut Iím just looking!Ē or ďBut Iíll never do it again,Ē or, ďyou canít expect me to get over my ex so quickly.Ē
  • 13
    Do they talk too much about their past relationships, which make you feel as if you are either insignificant, or as if you are expected to fix them?
    No, they are in the present, and are focused simply on me.
    Yes, itís almost as if the present is overshadowed by the past.
  • 14
    When they introduce you to their friends or family, do you ever feel like they are treating you as a TROPHY?
    No, they show me off because they think Iím amazing and they love me!
    Yes, they like to show me off as their significant other (I could be anyone), and I feel quite used.
  • 15
    The fact that you took this quiz indicates a certain amount of worry about your relationship. Honestly, do you think that your boyfriend/girlfriend is insincere, a player, or unfaithful in some way?
    No, they are actually sincere, and I am so lucky they love and respect me the way they do.
    Yes, I suspect they are not the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend I thought they were.