Stargate: Atlantis

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How well do you know the expedition members?

  • 1
    On Ford's last official mission with the team what did they encounter off world?
    Absolutely nothing
    A T-Rex that tried to eat them
    An alien priestess that fell for Sheppard
    A T-Rex that tried to mate with Teyla
    A Wraith Cruiser on its way to a culling
  • 2
    What colours did Grodin, Lorne, and Zelenka wear?
    Black, Black, Blue
    Yellow, Blue, Red
    Blue, Black, Blue
    Red, Black Blue
    Red, Blue, Yellow
  • 3
    Which is NOT a name of an alien that fell for Sheppard?
  • 4
    What did McKay NOT have in his quarters?
    Tim Horton's coffee
    A desk
    A couch
    A picture of 'Canada Arm'
    A toque
  • 5
    What did NOT happen during the episode SUNDAY?
    Elizabeth went on a date
    Two exploding-tumours lived up to their name
    A beloved character died
    John confessed his love for one of the female leads
    Teyla was impaled in the stomach
  • 6
    What was the small problem with the new mainland after Atlantis relocated to another planet?
    It was pink
    Poisonous snakes
    It was prone to forest fires
    There was no mainland
    There was no problem
  • 7
    What was one of Weir's requests in the beginning of the first episode after the two hour pilot?
    To fly in a Jumper
    To get someone to wash the windows
    To meet the Athosians
    To get rid of the 10,000 year old dead plants
    To find everyone sleeping quarters of their own.
  • 8
    What was NOT a name given to a Wraith?
  • 9
    Which member of SG-1, either lineup, never set foot on Atlantis?
    Vala Mal Doran
    Cameron Mitchell
    Daniel Jackson
    None; they all made it to Atlantis
  • 10
    How many characters from Atlantis appeared on more than one episode of SG-1?