Do guys like a smart girl?

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So, you’re a smart girl. This is definitely something to be proud of. But in this material world, will boys appreciate you? Find out!

  • 1
    Your friends?
    They’re mostly girls, all of them like me... smart!
    Lots of girls from all my activities, varying from nerdy to sporty to artistic
    They’re a good mix of girls and guys, kind of a clique
    I have a couple close friends, but the rest are more acquaintances
  • 2
    Your clothing style?
    I wear some hoodies and jackets, but have occasional dress-up days
    I’m dressed nice all the time, never too casual
    I’m usually in a baggy t-shirt, jeans, or sweatpants
    I wear cute stuff: skirts, jeans, pretty tops
  • 3
    Which is most like your favorite TV show?
    Gilmore Girls
    Law and Order
    Anything on the History Channel
    Family Guy
  • 4
    How smart are you exactly?
    I get mostly strong A’s
    I don’t care much about grades. You can tell I’m smart because I’m downright clever.
    My average is always above a 95. Always.
    I get A’s and B’s
  • 5
    What about make-up?
    I wear medium to a lot all the time
    No, never.
    I don’t wear it because I look pretty without it
    I wear a bit
  • 6
    How much do you read?
    That’s not my style
    I read quite a bit
    I read a lot, and I read everything
    I read once in a while for pleasure
  • 7
    Cell-phone usage?
    I text constantly
    I use it once in a while
    I use it pretty often
    I use it to call my mom for rides
  • 8
    About how shy are you?
    Quiet around new people, but I warm up quickly
    Pretty darn loud and obnoxious!
    I only talk normally around my close friends
    I make friends easily – if someone talks to me, I talk back
  • 9
    Honestly – are you a nerd?
    OK, fine, probably
    Sigh… definitely, yes
    Nerds and I, we share a few characteristics…
  • 10
    Opinion on drugs?
    I’m neutral… whatever, dude
    Drugs are the devil!
    I discourage them, but I’ll look away for a friend
    I do them. I like them.
  • 11
    Which movie is best?
    Pride and Prejudice
    Lord of the Rings
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    She’s the Man
  • 12
    If a guy likes you, but you don’t like him back?
    I get really awkward
    Nothing between us changes
    He becomes my arch nemesis
    Heck, I date him anyways!
  • 13
    Do you consider yourself attractive?
    No, not really. I don’t care.
    I’m OK
    Some days…
  • 14
    Most likely school activities?
    Math league
    Musical or play
    Mock trial
  • 15
    Musical instrument you play?
    Trombone or percussion
    Violin or piano
    Saxophone or trumpet
  • 16
    Video games?
    I game every now and then...
    I am a MASTER, I’ll take you down easy
    I play pretty well
    I think they’re stupid
  • 17
    Closest to your hair style?
    Something different every day
    It’s short, easy to manage
    Long and usually straightened
    I wear it down or in a low ponytail
  • 18
    How much time do you spend on homework?
    More than an hour every night
    It varies, but I get it done in school a lot
    I don't do homework
    Practically all day

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