The Ultimate Dark Knight Quiz

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2 weeks ago I saw the Dark Knight, (Don't hate me for not seeing it sooner) and trust me, I paid close attention to detail.

  • 1
    What side of Harvey Dent's face was burned?
    Left side
    He never got burned.
    Right down the middle
    Right side
  • 2
    The Joker, is played by what actor?
    Heath Ledger
    John Cena
    Christian Bale
    Aaron Eckhart
    Johny Depp
  • 3
    Batman's real name is? (Careful)
    Padme Amidala
    Christian Bale
    Bruce Wayne
    Harvey Dent
    Heath Ledger
  • 4
    Heath Ledger, the Joker died on what day? (This is a tough one)
    January 8th 2008
    He's still alive!
    January 18th 2009
    July 18th 2008
    January 18th 2008
  • 5
    How did Two Face "die"?
    Batman pushed him off a cliff
    Rachel refused to marry him and he died of a broken heart, how corny
    The Joker killed him
    He committed suicide
    He was set on fire and burned to death
  • 6
    How many scenes in the movie do we see The Joker without his makeup?
    All of them
  • 7
    When scarecrow first appears in the movie, what is he wearing?
    His yellow belt for Tae Kwon Do
    Old, ragged clothes
    Scarecrow never appears in the movie
    A Batman costume
    A suit
  • 8
    When did The Dark Knight hit the red carpet?
    July 18th 2007
    405 A.D.
    July 18th 2008
    July 18th 2006
    July 18th 2009
  • 9
    The last time we see Joker is?
    Who's Joker? (Just kidding)
    January 18th 2008 (R.I.P.)
    Him talking to Harvey Dent
    Him hanging upside down laughing maniacally
    Him in a nurse's outfit
  • 10
    What is the Joker's real name? (Not actor name)
    Heath Ledger
    Jason Bourne
    Shiff Thomas
    Thomas Shiff
    Real name?

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Zoe ( 58.80 )
Posted 32 days ago
Yeah. Shiff Thomas isn't his name. That one kinda pissed ne off. I'm sure any fan would know his real name is Jack Napier.
MH ( 4.252 )
Posted 35 days ago
your last question is wrong. You don't find out the jokers name. Shiff Thomas is the guy who works with him who gets kidnapped by harvey dent