Does your friend have a thing for you?

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Well, I looked and looked for a non-gender based quiz but couldn't find a good one so I decided to make one myself:).

Did you ever suspect your friend of liking you? Well you might get a better idea with this quiz.

  • 1
    When you and your friend are hanging out with other people, your friend…
    Talks to everyone
    Talks to everyone, but talks to you more
    Ignores you
    Only talks to you
  • 2
    When talking to you, your friend…
    Looks at you from time to time
    Stays focused on your eyes
    Doesn’t look at you at all
    Stares at you
  • 3
    When you and your friend go to sit down, your friend…
    Sits right next to you
    Sits across from you
    Sits near you
    Sits as far as they can from you
  • 4
    When sitting, your friend…
    Stays where they are
    Tends to inch closer to you
    Gets up, then sits closer when they come back
    Moves further away from you
  • 5
    When complementing you, your friend…
    They never complement me
    Smiles and pats you on the back
    Just smiles
    Shyly smiles and pats you on the knee
  • 6
    When your friend gets up for some reason, your friend…
    Puts their hand on your shoulder to help them up
    Pats you on the shoulder as they get up
    Just gets up
    Gets up and doesn’t come back
  • 7
    When telling your friend a stupid joke, your friend…
    Tells you how stupid it was
    Chuckles a little
    Laughs hysterically
  • 8
    When you and your friend hangout, you
    Usually hangout alone
    Hardly ever hangout at all
    Mostly if not always hangout alone
    Sometimes hangout alone
  • 9
    When you and your friend make plans and they have to cancel, your friend…
    Just explains
    Doesn’t care
    Feels really bad and makes up for it
    Feels bad and explains
  • 10
    When you notice your friend looking at you and you turn to look at them, your friend…
    Quickly looks away
    Smiles and continues to stare
    Turns away in disgust
    Makes a weird face
  • 11
    When it comes to interests, hobbies, beliefs, likes and/or dislikes, your friend…
    Doesn’t agree with you at all
    Agrees with you on some to most things
    Agrees with you on almost everything
    Agrees with you on everything
  • 12
    When it comes to trust, your friend…
    Doesn’t tell you anything
    Tells you everything
    Tells you most things
    Tells you almost everything