Which temperament are you?

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The 4 temperaments are called choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, and sanguine. Which one are you? Find out here!

  • 1
    First off, the glass is half:
    Maybe I should ask my friend to decide...
    Huh? I wanted a chocolate bar!
  • 2
    Someone is about to beat you up. You:
    I'd take the beating, thank you very much!
    Run, for crying out loud! I don't want to get hurt!
    Fight him, and try to give HIM a nice beating.
    Slap him in the face! How dare he! But probably that's how far I'd get...
  • 3
    What would be one reason if you had hundreds of friends?
    Because I LOVE being around friends, meeting new ones, hanging out with friends, and...!
    Because I'M top dog. I'M the dominant guy!
    I'm too darn lonesome for hundreds of friends.
    Most likely because I'm usually nice to others, and accept them as a new friend. I'm very inoffensive.
  • 4
    Your project explodes and a fire is in its place, spreading. Fast. What do you do?
    Calm down. We can't do anything if everyone is freaking out!
    Freak out. Like crazy.
    Uh-oh. Fire. We're dead.
    Take charge and get everyone to do their part, and yell at everyone so much that my throat's getting coarse. But still yell.
  • 5
    Say that you wanted to write a book. Do you finish it?
    Um.... Though my friends can help me with it, I'm likely to end up not finishing it because it'll end up kinda boring to me soon enough...
    Yes! I must finish it! Hear me? I MUST! (writing is *totally* my thing! Well, maybe not, but I'm just so caught up in it!)
    No, probably not....
    Of course!
  • 6
    In a group, you're most likely to be: (or rather, you're best at being which of the following?)
    The idea person.
    The leader.
    A total wallflower/ The mediator.
    That one big chatterbox/ The influential guy.
  • 7
    What is the usual emotion you feel?
    Depends on the situation.
  • 8
    Are you:
    Extroverted, with a degree of ambiversion.
    Introverted, with a degree of ambiversion.
  • 9
    How do you cope with your enemies? Arch-enemies, that is.
    Forget that I'm enemies with this guy completely, and add them to my 'best buds' list!
    COPE? They're messing up my life, so it's best make them back off, right?
    Put up with it, and hold all the rage inside. But be nice to them, anyway.
    COPE? I SHUN (avoid) THEM!
  • 10
    You've been accused of pranking the most temperamental person in the class, and you know that you didn't do it. The person's coming up. FAST. You:
    Blend in with the crowd. Can't be noticed, or else....
    Confront them, but don't admit that it was my fault! Fight BACK!
    Get found, and live with whatever they're going to do to me.
    Try to talk it over with the guy, though I'd most likely end up running..
  • 11
    When meeting someone new, do you trust them immediately?
    Yes! I'm making a new friend!
    A little bit.
    I don't know.
    No. Why would I?
  • 12
    Are you a (an):
    Realist? Yeah I sure am.
    Pessimist? Uh-huh.
    Not really sure because it really depends on everyone else? Yes.
  • 13
    Do your friends like being around you?
    I don't know. They call me bossy.....
    I help them solve their problems often and actually care for them, (not exactly showing it.) but other than that, maybe just a little less than average...
    They call me hyper/random, but they LOVE being around me!
    In fact, they really like being around me. But I'm not exciting.
  • 14
    When your friend is sad, you:
    Try to cheer them up.
    Are moved with so much feelings for them, that I end up crying too.
    Just listen.
    Feel sorry, but barely feel it just as intensely.
  • 15
    5 more questions to go! Aren't you relieved?
    No. There's still more questions to answer.
    Aw, really? I was having so much fun!
    I can always go for more if you like.
    FINALLY! We're almost done! This quiz is so long!
  • 16
    What element defines you best? (Guess if you don't know.)
  • 17
    What are your virtues and flaws?
    Virtues: Analytical, deep, perfectionist. Flaws: Loner, gloomy, harsh on self. (not suicidal or anything.)
    Virtues: Enthusiastic, people-person, outgoing. Flaws: Hyper, chatterbox, drama queen.
    Virtues: Leader, determined, confident. Flaws: Quick-tempered, very possessive, bossy.
    Virtues: Calm, inoffensive, meek. Flaws: Unenthusiastic, indecisive, too shy.
  • 18
    Do you have any idea what temperament you are yet?
    Not really.
    Sort of.
  • 19
    Someone asks you a VERY easy riddle. You answer it, and your answer is wrong. Reaction is:
    I feel really embarrassed now.......
    Nothing, though I feel like crying.....
    Impossible! I deserve to get it right!
    Should I scream?
  • 20
    All right, are you ready to know what your temperament is? (Note: you have other temperament's traits, not just ones from the temperament I'm giving you. Make sure you keep that in mind. Oh, and it's likely that this is a VAGUE (you didn't lie all the way through, did you? Well not that vague, but possibly.) result. Introspection is what you need to find out, really. One more thing: WARNING: DO NOT CONSIDER THE TEMPERAMENTS MOODS, STEREOTYPES, AND THE LIKE. JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE ONE TEMPERAMENT THAT HAS A SIGNIFICANT DETAIL TO IT, NEVER MEANS THAT YOU'LL NEVER DO THE OPPOSITE OF IT. THEY'RE NOT RESTRICTIVE PROFILES.) Wow, that is the biggest note I've ever seen or written!
    Yeah, it's long, but be quiet and show me my results now.
    OK! *dances in chair*
    Sure. Let's see the results.
    I'm ready.