Will you two get together?

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Have a Major crush on someone? Take this quiz to find out if it's worth it!

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    Do you catch yourself staring at him for no reason?
    Yes, most of the time!
    Not really, no
    Yeah, once in a while

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Ally ( 10.94 )
Posted 33 days ago
This quiz says that I'm really flirty but I am actually the complete opposite and have no idea how to flirt. I'm trying to show him that I like him without putting it out there too much...so that if he does like me (which most of the signs show) hopefully, he will make the first move and then we can really show what we feel towards each other. Unless, he of course doesn't feel the same way towards me.
MinecraftMistress ( 3.184 )
Posted 78 days ago
We're both so shy and we've had a crush on each other since we were 5 all the way up into secondary school (high school to Americans) and he kind of studied really hard to pass my school exam, so I guess he's kind of stalking me :/ but I love him so much and all of his mates say he loves me and he told me himself too but it's so annoying we never have the courage to do anything except as friends.
Miriam ( 8.136 )
Posted 103 days ago
The quiz says I should ask him out and that I'm flirty.😊but I am shy!😌
Hannah ( 88.11 )
Posted 164 days ago
I've had a major crush on this guy science the beginning of the year, and my results were that I'm flirty, and out going, and should ask him out. But I won't and I'm not. I'm just a shy dork and 30% of these questions didn't have the answer I would chose. But seriously, I think he likes me back as a friend and my brain is refusing to accept it. What do?
Paula ( 62.66 )
Posted 175 days ago
I think that the guy I have a crush on likes another girl so I dunno how it would work out :(. loved the quiz though! it helped me see that i'm really obsessed with this guy. I'm gonna lower the obsetion level!
Lovebug ( .8.36 )
Posted 278 days ago
Freak...like we have permanent places given in class...so even if we want to sit together than we cant. The boy i like is soooo shy that he would never do some things mentioned in the quiz even if he ever liked me😞
I dont think this quiz was for me actually😣
Jordan ( 4.111 )
Posted 298 days ago
Most of the questions helped me realize how much I actually like him and know about him. The only thing I didn't like were the questions asking how he acts towards me at school. We don't go to school together. I've known him for years, and have had a pretty big crush on him for most of that time.
Rawrzers ( 0.195 )
Posted 307 days ago
Good quiz though the guy I did the quiz about he likes me and I got the friendship thing so...
Andie ( 32.45 )
Posted 325 days ago
Okay, for most of the questions I had to choose no because our class schedules are so different we never see eachother, and we dont have time to hang out in between classes. He's also 2 grades ahead of me, so being together a lot is a little impossible sadly
Alondra ( 04.58 )
Posted 333 days ago
I don't even know what love is