Which of my favorite songs are you?

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My favorite songs are "Down", "You Belong With Me", "Battlefield", "Run This Town" and "She Wolf"

  • 1
    How many boyfriends/girlfriends, wait let me rephrase that, how many relationships have you been in this year?
    Sadly, none
    3-5 normal ones
    1, I love him/her but it's been really rough
    No real ones, just nightly, someone I pick up on the town
    1 and I love him/her
  • 2
    What is your favorite color of these?
    Anything fun
  • 3
    What is your favorite thing to do?
    Go clubbing
    Talk to my boyfriend/girlfriend
    Make up with my boyfriend/girlfriend after a fight
    Sing to myself about guys
    Hang out with my friends
  • 4
    What was the best vacation you went on this year? And if you didn't go to any of these places, pick the one you would have wanted to go the most.
    To a huge city with all my friends
    Las Vegas baby!
    No where, I want my crush to see that he/she really loves me and not his/her nasty boyfriend/girlfriend
    To the sight of a famous battle, the soldiers who once fought there could relate to my life.
    To my boyfriend/girlfriends family reunion
  • 5
    Are you popular at your school?
    No, but I am such a player! That's why all the popular girls hate me, I am way prettier than them and that's why I always get the guy.
    Yep, me and all my friends
    No, not at all, but I'm climbing the ladder, trust me
    Well I was till I got so caught up in my love life crisis
    Yes, me and my girl/guy are the couple of the year
  • 6
    Out of these, what is your favorite smell that you can't get enough of?
    My shampoo?
    The smell of a club
    The smell of my boyfriend/girlfriend
    The smell of city smoke
    The smell of the stuff I always spray after my boyfriend/girlfriend have a fight, it's like lavender and it calms me down
  • 7
    If your house was burning to the ground and you were home alone, who would you call after your parents?
    My friends
    My grandparents
    My boyfriend/girlfriend to tell them I was OK because they would be worried sick
    My boyfriend/girlfriend, but that would be dumb because then we would get into a huge fight about how stupid I was to get the house on fire in the first place!
    I would never be home alone! I'm always out at the club, but if the club was burning down I would call my boyfriend/girlfriend that day
  • 8
    How do you spend your Friday nights?
    With my friends
    With my girl/guy<3
    Fighting with my boyfriend/girlfriend about what he/she said during lunch earlier
    Doing my homework in my room
  • 9
    How would you spend your Saturday?
    Reading in my room alone, hoping my crush calls and asks to hang out
    Still partying!
    With my girlfriend/boyfriend and all our friends
    Recovering from last nights fight
    At the mall starting with my bffs and then expanding our group as we run into people
  • 10
    Do you think this quiz was boring and obvious? Be honest! The reason there are yes and no multiple times is because if not it would be a 3 answer question and there are 5 songs, do the math! Anyway, just pick whichever one you want.
    Kind of

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