Which LOTR male are you?

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Find out which LOTR (male) hero you are.

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    Ok, we need an idea to counter Sauron's forces! Give me a plan!
    Send a bit of cavalry, supported by swift archers and fast infantry.
    Take heavily armed infantry to march through their lines
    Rush towards them with the cavalry.
    Send scouts, and back them up with a distracting volley of arrows.
    We need to go with a small group, swift and quick we need to be. To wreak havoc behind their lines
  • 2
    You're in a battle. Your side suffers the siege of Sauron's forces. You are found doing what on the battlefield?
    I'd be at the front, swinging and sharpening my sword on those orcs
    I'd be behind the enemy's lines to slaughter them from the inside out
    I'd be countering their forces with flank attacks
    I'd be leading the forces on the wall, commanding everything at range
    I'd be rushing through them
  • 3
    What do you fight for?
    To do some good
    Everything I hold dear
    To save the others
  • 4
    Your group's ambushed! Do something!
    You try to do damage from a far protecting the fleeing others
    You clear a passageway to flee, fighting your way through
    You run into the battle distracting them with your power, holding them busy
    You hold the line to help the others to fight their way out of this mess
    You run through them, and run them through, hoping you clear the road while rushing
  • 5
    You see the one ring laying there, what do you do?
    Take it, and pass it through
    You try to take it, just to hide it
    Take it, and never speak of it again, fearing it
    Take it, to keep it away from the enemy
    Try to take it, because you could use it, to do good.
  • 6
    You're friend got killed, now what?
    Do what you're told to do, but wait for the right moment to strike the killer.
    Strike them with all you've got
    Revenge will be mine! Go after the killer.
    You keep fighting, full filling your duties, they'll honor his death.
    Run after them. Crying out loud, slaughtering.
  • 7
    You need to travel, what do you choose as equipment?
    Bow, arrows, knife, cloak
    Some arrows, bow, cloak, sword, medium armor
    Cloak, sword, knife, bow, some arrows, light armor
    Heavy armor, cloak, sword, shield, knives
    Helmet, medium armor, spear, sword, horse
  • 8
    Pick one class you like.
  • 9
    How do you deliver the last blow? The last strike before they die, you gave them mercy, but how?
    Stick them through the belly
    Shoot them in the head
    Chop the head off
    Cut the throat
    Stick your sword in the heart
  • 10
    Who do you serve?
    My lord
    My city
    My love
    My people
    My land
  • 11
    Finally, everything 's over, the battle is over, you're sitting on the battlefield overseeing all the misery it's been causing. You?
    Pray for the death and the living
    Cry your happiness out and roar
    Watch the horizon, bow for the glorious death
    Be quiet, being respectful for all those that suffered.
    Give a loud roar of victory

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