Social Studies Section 1

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21 Questions - Developed by: Cool beans - Developed on: - 1.857 taken

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  • 1
    ___ thought that politics in the Gilded Age were ugly and corrupt.
    Mark Twain
    William Marcy Tweed
    Henry Adams
  • 2
    What made the rise of bosses possible?
    The democratic senate
    The democratic congress
    The rapid growth of cities
  • 3
    What were political leaders who controlled elections through bribery and payoffs called?
    Political machines
  • 4
    The boss system offered _____ jobs and social mobilities.
    African Americans
  • 5
    An organization that guaranteed votes at election time through both legal and illegal methods was a?
    Political machine
  • 6
    How did political machines get their candidate elected?
    Blackmail, bribery
    They didn't get their candidate elected
    Bribed citizens and counters, screwy ballots
  • 7
    Who was New York City's boss?
    Charles Dudley Warner
    Grover Cleveland
    In it For the Sports
    William Marcy Tweed
  • 8
    What was New York City's widely known political machine?
    Credit Mobilier
    Empire State Building
    Tammany Hall
  • 9
    Whose election was widely regarded as corrupt?
    Chester Arthur
    Grover Cleveland
    Ulysses S. Grant
  • 10
    Government revenue officials who took bribes from whiskey distillers in order to avoid paying taxes took part in the?
    Whiskey Ring
    Credit Mobilier
    Democratic Rebellion
  • 11
    What construction company started by the Union Pacific Railroad sold shares to members of Congress who handled land grants?
    Credit Mobilier
    Whiskey Ring
    Niagara Movement
  • 12
    What was the republican candidate who had a reputation for political honesty and won?
    Rutherford B. Hayes
    Samuel J. Tilden
    James Garfield
  • 13
    Who was the republican president who was shot at a train station?
    Chester Arthur
    James Garfield
    William Marcy Tweed
  • 14
    Who shot James Garfield?
    Charles Guiteau
    Chester Arthur
    Samuel J. Tilden
  • 15
    What were republican reformers that left the party because of corruption called?
    Big chiefs
  • 16
    Who won the election of 1884?
    Benjamin Harrison
    Chester Arthur
    Grover Cleveland
  • 17
    Which president controlled inflation and monopolies?
    Grover Cleveland
    Benjamin Harrison
    John Quincy Adams
  • 18
    Who was president after Harrison?
  • 19
    Who won the election of 1896?
    William Jennings Bryan
    William McKinley
    Barrack Obama
  • 20
    President Arthur responded to reformers' demands by supporting the?
    Sherman Antitrust Act
    Pendleton Civil Service Act
    Tea Tax
  • 21
    Who doubled government jobs?
    George Bush I
    Chester Arthur
    Grover Cleveland

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