Do You Focus Too Much On Your Love Life & Not Enough On Your Personal Life?

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We've all done this once or twice before, but when you're in a relationship do you consistently put all your attention on that person and forget about all the things you used to do before you met them? Or do spend an equal amount of time tending to your relationship as well as your personal life? Take this quiz to find out if your scale is tipping toward one side more than the other.

  • 1
    When in a relationship how much time do you usually spend with your friends?
    I give time to my friends on a regular basis
    I spend a little time with my friends
    I spend a lot of time with my friends
  • 2
    What do you do if your significant other is going to hang out with their friends the whole weekend?
    Spend the weekend pampering and refreshing yourself
    Catch up with your friends as well
    Sit at home and wait for them to call you
  • 3
    You made plans months ago to reconnect with old friends tonight but your significant other just got some amazing front row seats to a concert you know you can't miss. You...
    Blow off the friends, you can catch up with them tomorrow.
    Invite the friends to go with you and your significant other to the concert, even though you probably aren't going to be able to sit together.
    Decline to go to the concert
  • 4
    You are going to an event where your BFF and your BF/GF will be in attendance. Problem is, they can't stand each other. What do you do?
    Act as referee and try to have fun
    Don't go to the event
    Try to convince one not to go
  • 5
    When in a relationship how much time do you spend with that person each week?
    3-5 days/week
    1-2 days/week
  • 6
    When in a relationship how often do you pamper yourself?
    Not much
    Multiple times/month
    All the time
  • 7
    Do you spend more time on-line and/or with your significant other more than anyone else?
  • 8
    When you're in a relationship and you neglect your friends they should...
    Give me a hard time but give me another chance
    Write me off as a friend
    Be there for me no matter what
  • 9
    How do you communicate with your friends on a regular basis?
    Face Book
  • 10
    When your relationships end how do the people close to you act?
    It's as if I never left
    Concerned with how I'm handling the break up
    Distant and cold

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