Genesis Chapter 14

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This is a quiz about Genesis Chapter 14. Read Chapter 14 and the take this quiz. See how much you can remember.

If you’re young, use the bible to help you find the answers.

  • 1
    What was Abram's nephew's name?
  • 2
    Who made war with the Bera king of Sodom & Birsha king Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, & Sheeber king of Bela?
    The servants of the kings
    Lot & Abram
    Aner king of Siddom,
    Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, & Tidal king of nations
  • 3
    Where did kings join together?
    Near the dead sea
    The vale of Siddim
    Sodom & Gomorrah
  • 4
    How many years did the kings serve Chedorlaomer?
  • 5
    What was the vale of Siddim full of?
  • 6
    What did the king of Sodom & Gomorrah take with them when they fled to the mountains?
    All the goods of Sodom & Gomorrah, victuals & also Lot Abram's nephew with his goods also.
    They didn't have time to take anything
    Lot with his goods
  • 7
    What did Abram do when he heard that they held captive Lot his nephew?
    He sent a message back to warn them to send Lot free or else!
    He sent his armed trained servants & stayed behind to pray for them.
    He prayed to the Most High & went to get Lot himself.
    He armed his trained servants & pursued them unto Dan.
  • 8
    How many of servants went up with Abram to rescue Lot?
    All of them
  • 9
    What did Abram & his servants do to the kings?
    They divided themselves against them & held them captive, & grabbed Lot.
    They trapped them & asked peacefully to return his nephew back to him.
    They waited until it was dawn, & then smote them.
    They smote them & pursed them unto Hobah.
  • 10
    Who was Melchizedek king of Salem?
    An Israelite
    Prophet of the Most High
    Priest of the Most High
    Mighty King
  • 11
    What did Melchizedek bring?
    Food & Wine
    Bread & Wine
    Plenty of Food
  • 12
    What did Abram take from the king of Sodom?
    $100,000 dollars
    300 shekels of silver & a big bag of gold
    Nothing, except what his servants could eat.
    All the riches he had