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The basic questions on the books. There is 5 questions on each book except Breaking dawn. There is 10 of them.

  • 1
    What does Bella do when Edward covers his nose? Book: Twilight
    Asks for a new partner
    Smells herself
    Asks what his problem is
  • 2
    Where is Edward and Bella's first kiss?
    Book: Twilight
    Ballet studio
    Bella's room
    The meadow
  • 3
    Where did Bella live before she moved to forks? Book: Twilight
    Las Vegas
  • 4
    How old was Edward when he became immortal?
    Book: Twilight
  • 5
    What is Edward's surprise to Bella?
    Book: Twilight
    He proposes to her
    He takes her to prom
    He changes her
  • 6
    What made Bella bleed that triggered Jasper?
    Book: New Moon
    Rug burn
    Cutting the cake
    A paper cut
  • 7
    How old is Bella turning?
    Book: New Moon
  • 8
    What age is Carlisle reaching (human) that could make the Cullens suspicious?
    Book: New Moon
    His twenties
    His thirties
    His fifties
    His forties
  • 9
    Who is Bella's visitor?
    Book: New Moon
    Alice Cullen
    The Volturi
  • 10
    Why does Edward try to commit suicide?
    Book: New Moon
    He missed Bella
    He thinks when Bella jumped off the cliff she drowned
    He hated himself for leaving Bella
  • 11
    Who kills Victoria?
    Book: Eclipse
    Jared and Paul
    Jacob and the pack
  • 12
    Who kept Bella warm during the storm?
    Book: Eclipse
    Nobody does. She has blankets
  • 13
    What is the cause of the battle?
    Book: Eclipse
    Newborn vampires
    Random attack
    Victoria gathers vampires to avenge James' death
  • 14
    Where does Edward officially propose to Bella?
    Book: Eclipse
    In Bella's room
    The bedroom
    In the tent
  • 15
    What did Rosalie's fiance do to her back when she was human?
    Book: Eclipse
    Throw her off a cliff
    Tie her up and leave her on the streets, nearly dead
    She never had a fiance
  • 16
    Where do Bella and Edward get married?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    In the meadow
    I don't know!
    The Cullen's home
  • 17
    What was Edward's gift to Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    The honeymoon destination
    Jacob coming
    All of the above
  • 18
    Where does Edward take Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Isle Esme
  • 19
    What is the surprise on Edward and Bella's honeymoon?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Bella has a baby
    The rest of the Cullen's visit them
    Bella is pregnant
  • 20
    Does Charlie figure out that the Cullen's are vampires?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    He knows something is up, just not that and he accepts it
    No, he never sees them since the wedding and never will
    Yes, he finds out by how fast the baby grows
  • 21
    What does Bella have and what is the name?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Boy named Char Lyle Cullen
    Girl named Renesmee Carlie Cullen
    Girl named Renemee Renee Cullen
  • 22
    Does Bella get changed to a vampire?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Yes by having Renesmee
    I don't know
    No Edward refuses to do it
  • 23
    Why does Emmet get frustrated by Bella?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Because he wants a child
    Because she beats him in an arm wrestle
    He doesn't
  • 24
    What is Bella's two 'birthday' presents?
    Book: Breaking Dawn
    Just a cottage
    Just a car
    A cottage and a car
  • 25
    Where do Bella and Edward live?
    Their cottage
    The Cullens
    Bella's house

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