Which Stargate: Atlantis boy is your match?

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Sure, they're in another galaxy. But just imagine you were there with them. Out of all the boys from season 5, which would be your dream date? Would it be the rugged Satedan Ronon Dex? The Canadian genius Dr. Rodney McKay? The undeniably cute Lt. Col. John Sheppard? The...unique...Richard Woolsey? Or maybe even the enigmatic alien Todd? Find out!

  • 1
    What's your dream boy's usual hairstyle?
    Long and...pale
    Hard to describe...
  • 2
    What's his romantic past like?
    I think he was married before, but she's dead
    One or two serious relationships
    I'm not sure if he knows the meaning of "romantic love" (sigh...)
    He's not really the type...
    Captain Kirk, eat your heart out!
  • 3
    How old is your man?
    Late 30's, early 40's
    Early 30's
    Let's just say he's "older", and leave it at that...
    Definitely 40's
  • 4
    Where's he from?
    The Milky Way
  • 5
    What's he like?
    Fight, fight, fight eat, eat, eat fight, fight, fight eat, eat, eat sleep occasionally...
    Arrogant, but successfully experimenting with humility
    Has a strange sense of humor, not that loyal, but still so dang...I can't put it in words, but it's there
    Funny, witty, pretends he's not a genius
    Totally by-the-book (at least when he can be)
  • 6
    So how cute is he?
    Well, he's...smart and he's...smart...
    Handsome in his own way, I suppose
    Ruggedly handsome. Could use a shave, though
    I'll get fired if I answer that honestly, so...no comment
  • 7
    What's his IQ?
    When it comes to politics...probably about 150
    He could be in Mensa, but he pretends to be an idiot
    He prefers things that go *boom*
    He's one of the smartest humans in two galaxies
  • 8
    Is he a fighter?
    He prefers to talk his way out of bad situations
    Total military man
    Heck, yeah!
    Fight, fight, fight, fight,...
    He's getting there...
  • 9
    When he does have to fight, what's his weapon of choice?
    Fight? Him? *laughs loudly*
    His gun. Hands off!
    Either a Wraith stunner or his superhuman martial arts abilities
    Ronon's gun. If Ronon has it (which is most of the time), then his P90
    His brain
  • 10
    Be honest now...who would YOU want to date?

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